Best Crystal for Confidence (20 Self-Confidence Crystals + Our Top Pick)

Looking for the best crystal for confidence? Read on, my friend.

We’re diving into the best confidence-boosting crystal that just about everyone needs, plus 20 more crystals that will raise your self-esteem and stop that negative self-talk:

  • Tiger’s Eye – The go-getter’s crystal
  • Sunstone – For leadership
  • Carnelian – To say “yes” to life
  • Smoky Quartz – For staying level-headed
  • Mookaite – To trust in yourself
  • Bloodstone – The “Stone of Courage”
  • Rose Quartz – For better self-esteem
  • Amazonite – For the courage to live by your own rules
  • Citrine – To make your dreams come true
  • Green Aventurine – The risk taker’s crystal
  • Black Tourmaline – The protector crystal
  • Pyrite – For success that starts in the mind
  • Red Jasper – For inner security
  • Garnet – For strength and sexual confidence
  • Turquoise – For fearless public speaking
  • Amber – To roll with the punches
  • Ruby – For the confidence to be yourself
  • Aquamarine – To speak your truth
  • Rhodonite – To value yourself
  • Yellow Apatite – For extrovert energy

Best Crystal for Confidence

Of all the crystals that can make you more confident, the consensus is typically that tiger’s eye is best.


For one thing, tiger’s eye gives you the tools to stake your claim and get ahead in life.

It does wonders for your personal will and to banish the fear of failure.

You’ll be so good at taking charge that life will keep handing you opportunities as the universe recognizes your readiness.

Too much time is wasted on second-guessing yourself—tiger’s eye wants you to move forward, and win.

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What Crystals Are Good for Confidence? 20 Crystals You Should Know

There’s a whole wide world of crystals that can increase your self-worth, self-esteem and assertiveness. 

confident woman holding her purse with a quote about nourishing your self image

When you nourish your self-image, suddenly other areas of your life get a boost—your career, love life and beyond.

Below is a list of 20 confidence crystals that can help you break free of self-destructive thought patterns and

1. Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye crystal against a white background

  • Best for: Hitting the bullseye on your goals

Tiger’s eye is an amazing confidence stone.

It opens up your solar plexus chakra, activating your personal power. You’ll find that you’re much more self-reliant, full of courage and self-knowing.

When you use tiger’s eye, you’ll recognize and fully utilize your strengths to achieve your goals.

As a built-in safeguard, you’ll never overestimate your abilities (which can get you into trouble), because tiger’s eye also grants you remarkable insight and roots you firmly in reality. 

If you don’t like making decisions, tiger’s eye prompts you to take responsibility and trust yourself.

And other people will notice. Don’t be surprised if at work you’re given more chances to move up the ladder.

2. Sunstone

raw orange sunstone heliolite crystal against a white background

  • Best for: Leadership energy

One of the ultimate stones for a confident personality, sunstone carries the masculine energy of the sun.

It’s a stone of leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone in pursuit of success.

Sunstone can make you more assertive, which is one way it helps you get what you want.

But it also gives you a certain dynamic quality that others are drawn to. You’ll attract good people who can be a positive force in your life.

Sunstone is great for those running business startups, but also for anyone who wants to gain recognition and make a living off of their innate talents, including actors and performers.

3. Carnelian

polished pieces of orange carnelian crystals

  • Best for: Living boldly and passionately

It’s known for the creative juice it gives artists and creatives of all types.

But is carnelian good for confidence? The answer is yes.

Carnelian gives you the gift of a “can do” attitude. If you’re self-conscious, it removes blockages so you can spread your wings, so to speak.

Supporting your lower chakras, carnelian stirs you to action.

It’s all about pursuing what you’re passionate about and doing what makes you feel good.

It can be especially helpful for trusting your creativity to solve problems or build something from your imagination.

4. Smoky Quartz

raw smoky quartz crystal point against a white background

  • Best for: Staying cool and calm under pressure

Smoky quartz sustains your self-confidence through remaining grounded at all times. 

When the pressure’s on, this is the crystal you want to have on hand.

Cool, calm and collected, you’ll have the clear head space to tackle challenges.

As a tool for manifestation, smoky quartz can help you create your reality.

Even if you feel unsure or undeserving, it will spark a fresh start to get on your path to creating the life you envision.

It’s a great crystal for inspiring self-worth and releasing negative clutter in your psyche.

5. Mookaite

red orange and yellow mookaite jasper stone beads

  • Best for: Believing in yourself

Mookaite is wonderfully grounding and motivational.

It’s a fabulous crystal to carry with you to stay in touch with your own power and who you are at your core.

The more in tune with yourself you are, the less susceptible you are to disruptive energies around you, and the more you can accomplish.

Mookaite stabilizes you and creates a firm separation between you and the world outside of yourself, increasing courage, independence and satisfaction with yourself.

6. Bloodstone

polished oval bloodstone crystal against a white background

  • Best for: Courage in the face of adversity

Called the “Stone of Courage,” bloodstone gets you through tough situations.

It’s a great asset in any unknown environment you’re thrown into, and it’s also protective against bullying and oppression.

If you’ve gotten a new job or moved to a new area, call in bloodstone to reinforce your energy. It’ll help you adjust and command respect from colleagues and neighbors.

Fading the voices of worry and negativity, bloodstone will make you sharper mentally, giving clear vision and good judgment.

And in case you find yourself competing, whether at work or in sports, try using bloodstone for a dose of healthy competition on your side.

7. Rose Quartz

small pink rose quartz crystal next to a plant

  • Best for: Feeling comfortable in your own skin

We don’t often think of rose quartz as a confidence-building crystal because it’s associated with love, romance and relationships.

And yet, rose quartz is amazing at making you more self-assured and comfortable in your own skin.

It can zap pessimistic attitudes and stop self-criticism in its tracks, making you more accepting toward yourself. (And don’t you deserve that break?)

It’s a stone of unconditional love, which you must have for yourself if you want to have more confidence and self-esteem.

8. Amazonite

blue amazonite crystal closeup

  • Best for: Boundary setting

Connected to the throat chakra, this brilliant blue crystal will keep your communications loving and compassionate, not melodramatic.

Its value lies in its expansion of self-awareness.

It’ll help you find your footing in what you believe so you can set your own standards to live by, not someone else’s.

In its ability to help you express yourself, amazonite encourages you to set healthy boundaries with loved ones, coworkers and anyone else who might exert a little too much influence in your life.

9. Citrine

yellow orange citrine crystal cluster against a white background

  • Best for: Making your dreams come true

Everyone loves citrine for its ability to spread joy, sunshine and laughter.

It’s a crystal of abundance, bringing into your life only the best that the universe has to offer.

The problem for many people is, they don’t feel worthy of receiving the universe’s gifts. Fortunately, citrine works with your solar plexus chakra to create a healthier, more positive ego.

You’ll recognize that unworthiness is an illusion. You are a creator, citrine reminds you. 

You have the ability to make your own dreams come true, and the world you build for yourself just keeps getting better and better.

10. Green Aventurine

polished piece of green aventurine crystal on a table

  • Best for: Taking chances

Do you always wish that you were bolder and more adventurous?

Green aventurine gives you the chutzpah to take a chance on something.

It gives a positive outlook on change, which can really help you embrace it—especially when change is inevitable.

Whatever challenges you face, green aventurine can help you land on your feet and see what new opportunities can come out of even the greatest of obstacles.

Use this stone to feel more emotionally balanced and put yourself out there to grow and change for the better.

11. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline crystal pieces on a wooden surface

  • Best for: Blocking negative vibes

Black tourmaline builds internal strength. Get this crystal if you worry compulsively—it can relieve your fears, whether rational or irrational.

It will ground you and create confidence by cutting through neuroses and negativity. 

If you get overwhelmed easily, keep a piece in your pocket to give you a more objective perspective and dissolve anxiety.

As a defense against energy attacks, black tourmaline can also shield you when others spread negativity, or worse, try to bring you down.

12. Pyrite

natural cubes of fools gold pyrite crystals on a rock

  • Best for: A successful mindset

Pyrite is also called “Fool’s Gold,” but don’t let the nickname fool you. 

It’s highly prized in the crystal community for bringing into being whatever you set your mind to. It does this by channeling your energy into building your empire, one brick at a time.

Most of us are not handed anything in life, which is why pyrite is so needed. 

It reminds you that you hold the power. But you must take action—which pyrite will give you the drive and sheer will to do.

This is another great crystal for career enhancement.

13. Red Jasper

polished red jasper crystal against a white background

  • Best for: Emotional strength and security

A talisman of warriors, red jasper brings courage, vitality and determination.

It raises your chi, increasing not just your physical stamina, but also your emotional stamina.

With more energy reserved for yourself, you’ll be less affected by everyday drama that can wear you down.

Through supporting your root chakra, red jasper fortifies your internal sense of security. From this will develop confidence, self-assurance and self-trust naturally.

As it balances the body, emotions and spirit, red jasper will make you feel whole, strong and resilient.

14. Garnet

rough piece of red garnet crystal against a white background

  • Best for: Carving your own path in life

Using garnet is like tapping into the source of life itself. 

It restores passion, gives physical and creative energy and makes you feel alive.

Red garnet carries a positive and uplifting vibration that you’ll internalize, banishing insecurities and creating a very positive self-image.

If you feel you’re always giving your energy away to others, garnet is an important ally.

You can’t please everyone all the time, and trying to do so threatens to derail you from your own path in life.

Garnet can also awaken your sexuality, which can help you feel more attractive and enhance your dating confidence.

15. Turquoise

polished pieces of turquoise stone

  • Best for: Open communication

If you love your gorgeous turquoise jewelry already, get ready to love it even more.

Turquoise is a natural confidence-builder owing to the fact that it makes it so much easier to express yourself.

Turquoise will guide your communications, melting away your fears around speaking publicly or saying the wrong thing.

Because when you speak, you’ll be firmly connected to your own source of truth, wisdom and authenticity.

16. Amber

natural amber crystal against a white background

  • Best for: Going with the flow

Amber resonates with the vibrations of earth energy, ancient and wise.

Amber affords you quiet strength and patience to see anything through from start to finish.

Even when we can’t see the end, amber makes us realize that nothing is permanent and the only way is forward.

It helps us integrate knowledge we’ve picked up from our pasts as well as ancestral knowledge in our DNA to make decisions and trust our gut.

When you have this type of patience and perseverance, you’re better able to roll with the punches.

When life’s uncertain, you can be certain that life goes on.

17. Ruby

natural uncut pink and red ruby crystals

  • Best for: Self-empowerment

Ruby is a stone of passion and rules the emotions.

Are you shy or timid? Ruby is for overcoming these feelings and taking your place in the sun.

It offers determination to conquer your goals, and can also give you more sexual confidence.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves because we have negative experiences from our pasts that teach us not to trust our own judgment.

But ruby shows you that it’s within your grasp to transmute these feelings into something empowering for yourself.

18. Aquamarine

raw blue aquamarine crystal on a white surface

  • Best for: Speaking your mind

Too nervous to state your opinions?

Do you edit what you’re going to say over and over in your mind? 

Aquamarine provides the courage to speak up for yourself, while also finding the ideal words so as to not hurt anyone’s feelings.

You’ll find that you can express yourself more articulately, rationally and fluidly, which can take away anxiety about meeting new people and talking to strangers.

And if you hate confrontation, aquamarine calms anger and frustration so a tense conversation doesn’t escalate.

19. Rhodonite

polished tumbled black and pink rhodonite crystals

  • Best for: Valuing yourself

It’s said that those who don’t value themselves enough should wear or carry rhodonite. This love crystal promotes self-love and the ability for self-reflection without judgment.

Should you feel panicky or like you’re not good enough, rubbing a piece of rhodonite with your finger is reassuring.

When others don’t believe in you, rhodonite encourages you to believe in yourself. 

It’s a strong tonic for feelings of inadequacy, healing your heart chakra and helping you discover what unique value you have to offer others, and the world.

20. Yellow Apatite

yellow apatite crystal point on a white surface

  • Best for: Coming out of your shell

Attention, shy people!

You can use yellow apatite to become a little less self-conscious and more outgoing.

If you’re ready to stop being quite so concerned about what others might think, this crystal emboldens you by recharging your will and ego. Just get out there!

Yellow apatite brings hope where there is darkness, confidence where there’s self-doubt and passion into everything you do.

It’s a great crystal if you want to live more freely and without regrets that you never took a chance.

Crystal for Confidence and Success

Whatever you do, where do you find the confidence to knock it out of the park?

Here are the crystals that bring success:

  • Tiger’s eye
  • Sunstone
  • Pyrite
  • Garnet
  • Ruby
  • Green Aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Carnelian
  • Yellow apatite
  • Bloodstone

Crystals for Self-Love and Confidence

Self-love and confidence go hand-in-hand.

These crystals are excellent for raising both:

  • Rose quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Amazonite
  • Smoky quartz
  • Black tourmaline
  • Mookaite
  • Green aventurine
  • Ruby
  • Aquamarine

Crystals for Confidence and Creativity

Whether you want to unleash your creative side as an artist or innovator, use these crystals:

  • Carnelian
  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Garnet
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Green aventurine
  • Garnet

Best Crystal for Confidence at Work

Place these crystals in your office to enhance your confidence and leadership skills:

  • Tiger’s eye
  • Sunstone
  • Pyrite
  • Ruby
  • Citrine
  • Carnelian
  • Bloodstone

Crystal for Confidence and Communication

How we communicate and receive feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our view of ourselves and our place in the world.

If communication is not your strong suit, use these crystals:

  • Aquamarine
  • Turquoise
  • Amazonite
  • Sodalite
  • Blue lace agate

Crystal FAQ

What is the stone of courage?

The “Stone of Courage” is bloodstone.

It’s said to have been carried by warriors for bravery to win in battle, to keep wounds from bleeding excessively and to ward off evil.

Today, bloodstone is still considered a mighty talisman against harmful energies and to guard someone against pressure and intimidation. 

Crystals for good luck

Here are some of the best luck-bringing crystals you can easily find and buy:

  • Tiger’s eye 
  • Green aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Green jade
  • Carnelian 
  • Clear quartz (if programmed for good luck)

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What does Tiger’s Eye do?

Tiger’s eye supports the solar plexus chakra, your seat of personal power.

This is the source of will and self-confidence related to a well-functioning ego.

Tiger’s eye can open doors for you, creating opportunities to take your best path forward.

It’s considered lucky in business and gives you the ability to cut to the chase, which can be highly valuable for entrepreneurs.

Do you have to cleanse your crystals?

Yes, do cleanse your crystals regularly. At least once a month, if not weekly.

But it does depend on how often you use your crystals and what types of energies they’re exposed to.

The more heavily they’re used, the more often you want to cleanse them.

And don’t forget to cleanse new crystals you just bought!

Other people have been handling them before you. You never know what energetic imprints they’ve left behind.

What crystals are good for anxiety?

Unfortunately, anxiety is an incredibly common ailment in this day and age.

Here are crystals that will help you tame it:

  • Black tourmaline
  • Aquamarine
  • Amethyst
  • Green aventurine
  • Rose quartz
  • Watermelon tourmaline
  • Citrine
  • Lepidolite
  • Moonstone
  • Jade

What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

You may get some disturbed sleep if any of these crystals are in your bedroom at night:

  • Carnelian
  • Moldavite
  • Turquoise
  • Malachite
  • Tourmaline
  • Hematite
  • Libyan desert glass

What crystals are good to sleep with?

You can fight insomnia and get better sleep with these crystals:

  • Amethyst
  • Amazonite
  • Labradorite
  • Moonstone
  • Green tourmaline
  • Chrysoprase
  • Howlite
  • Charoite
  • Fluorite

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