Best Crystal to Wear Around Your Neck (10 Powerful Necklace Stones)

Not sure what the best crystal to wear around your neck is?

It’s a prime location to enhance a crystal’s benefits, energize your auric field and heal your heart and throat chakras.

Here the top crystals we recommend to wear as necklaces:

  • Jade – A lucky stone that will harmonize your entire being
  • Clear Quartz – An energy cleanser and manifestation tool
  • Rose Quartz – Teacher of self-love and self-esteem
  • Amethyst – Calms intense emotions and aligns you with your higher self
  • Carnelian – Energizes and motivates you
  • Ametrine – Helps you find the optimal path for you
  • Labradorite – Lets your inner light shine through
  • Amazonite – The heart warrior and protector
  • Smoky Quartz – The creator of your reality
  • Watermelon Tourmaline – The positive attitude crystal

Best Crystal to Wear Around Your Neck

1. Jade 

natural green jade polished stone against a white background

Jade is considered one of the luckiest stones you can wear.

It resonates with your heart chakra, removing blockages and putting you in touch with your emotions to better understand what you need to feel healthy and whole.

If you deal with anger or frayed nerves, jade will stabilize your moods and bring your emotional, physical and mental bodies into harmony.

A stone of life, growth and renewal, jade is also great to wear if you want to be more present and in the moment.

It can even help you meet new people, sparking new friendships and meaningful connections as well as bringing joy into your current relationships.

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2. Clear Quartz 

single clear quartz crystal point on a white surface

Clear quartz is an amazing positive energy creator and chakra cleanser, able to unblock and align all of your chakras.

Aside from keeping your vibration high, clear quartz is one of the most powerful manifestation crystals in nature.

It works by amplifying energy. Your thoughts—which are forms of energy—are magnified by the clear quartz crystal, opening a direct channel to the universe to manifest them.

Keeping clear quartz around your neck means you’re maintaining a higher vibrational frequency and creating with the power of your mind all day long.

3. Rose Quartz 

polished pieces of pink rose quartz crystals on a white surface

Rose quartz is beloved by most everyone who comes into contact with it.

With its heart-healing energy, it’s a fantastic crystal to wear around your neck at a length that goes over the middle of your heart, where your heart chakra is.

Rose quartz is calming and uplifting, with the ability to ward off negative energy.

If you have low confidence or self-esteem, it will help you develop more self-love and appreciation for yourself.

It can also attract love and romance into your life, if that’s your intention.

4. Amethyst 

raw purple amethyst crystal cluster close up

Wearers of amethyst usually can’t get enough of its positive vibes. It clears away negative energy and replaces anxiety and fear with peace and self-empowerment.

Amethyst is a crystal of great spiritual power, opening your third eye chakra and connecting you to universal energies on multiple planes of existence.

Though it’s known as a stone of sobriety, amethyst can help to ward off excess of the emotional type, balancing your emotions and preventing passions from disrupting your life.

Amethyst is also great for self-awareness, putting you in touch with your higher self and helping you make decisions from that source of wisdom.

5. Carnelian

faceted orange carnelian crystal beads in a row against a white background

An energizing crystal, carnelian is perfect to wear when you feel like you’re going to need a little extra push. 

Its creative energy knows no bounds, so wear it when you want to be totally inspired (and awake) for whatever projects you’re taking on.

Overall, carnelian enhances your ambitious side and makes you just a little bit more daring.

It will release your dormant creative and sexual energies and bring excitement and enthusiasm into whatever you do.

Career-wise, it’s perfect for anyone in sales, creative or dramatic arts, sports or any work that requires physical stamina.

6. Ametrine

purple and yellow ametrine crystal beads on a black surface

Combining citrine and amethyst into one unusual crystal, ametrine provides both the joyful energy of citrine and the calming effect of amethyst.

Both spiritually and materially oriented, it’s a powerhouse for channeling whatever pursuits will serve your highest good.

Wear ametrine as a necklace at work for creative problem-solving or in any situation where you need guidance and insight.

7. Labradorite

polished tear drop labradorite crystal against a white background

Labradorite is a stone of transformation.

It’s well-known for enhancing psychic abilities, producing visions and lucid dreams, but it’s also phenomenal for awakening your self-knowledge and awareness.

Through intuition and reflection, it will connect you to your inner light.

If you have blockages that stop you from expressing yourself fully, labradorite will open your throat chakra to help you share your light with the world.

Labradorite can also enhance your self-confidence by helping you have faith in yourself and squashing feelings of unworthiness.

8. Amazonite

raw amazonite crystal against a white background

Stimulating your throat and heart chakras, amazonite is a crystal you want to wear to speak from your heart.

It encourages rational thinking and stops emotions from overwhelming you, helping you act more diplomatically and find the right words to talk to just about anyone.

It’s calming and revitalizing, but also strong and resilient.

If you want to resist feeling overpowered by other people’s influence, amazonite will help you set clear boundaries and have the confidence to live by your own values and beliefs.

9. Smoky Quartz

brownish gray smoky quartz crystal point on a white background

Wearing a smoky quartz necklace will keep you grounded all day long.

If you’re the type to look before you leap, smoky quartz can help you think things through first and see more clearly.

As a crystal of manifestation, smoky quartz assists you in creating your reality, one that fits with your true needs and desires.

It’s a good crystal to wear to take action where action is needed, but more importantly, to save your energy instead of burning it up on stress, worry and people-pleasing.

10. Watermelon Tourmaline

two pieces of raw green and pink watermelon tourmaline crystal on a white surface

Speaking to your heart chakra, watermelon tourmaline is a super happy crystal that brings a special lightness of being.

It carries both blissful and motivational energies, opening your mind to possibility and true optimism.

Though it’s a great stress-buster, it also does deeper emotional healing work that’s enhanced by being worn over your heart.

It works relatively quickly, restoring your well-being almost as soon as you put it on.

Crystal FAQ

Can I sleep with my crystal necklace?

Provided the chain on your necklace won’t restrict your breathing or wrap around your throat, there’s no reason not to sleep with your crystal necklace.

You may also try putting it under your mattress, aligned with a specific chakra you want to activate.

Sleeping with a crystal is another way to keep its energy close to you and enhance the results.

What is the best crystal to wear every day?

There are certain crystals that resonate with many folks so well that they’re encouraged to wear them daily.

Here are a few:

  • Amethyst – To calm the mind and make wise choices
  • Tiger’s eye – For inner strength and determination
  • Rose quartz – To love yourself and others unconditionally
  • Citrine – For joy and abundance
  • Turquoise – For mastery of the self and communication
  • Clear quartz – For energy amplification
  • Moonstone – To connect with your inner self and with nature

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What is the luckiest crystal to wear?

Green jade or green aventurine.

However, these crystals can also bring you boundless luck to your life:

  • Citrine
  • Carnelian 
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Clear quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Sunstone

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What crystals are best to carry with you?

Here are some of the best crystals to carry with you any time you need a boost in your love life, confidence, career and beyond:

  • Selenite – To shift your energy and raise your vibration
  • Citrine – Manifests abundance and positivity
  • Amethyst – Creates serenity and expands your awareness
  • Rose quartz – For love in your life
  • Black tourmaline – Gets rid of bad vibes around you
  • Tiger’s eye – To capitalize on opportunities
  • Red jasper – To inspire a zest for life

What crystal is good for anxiety?

Battling anxiety demons? 

Use these crystals to soothe your nerves and banish anxious feelings:

  • Amethyst
  • Green aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Watermelon tourmaline
  • Rose quartz
  • Lepidolite
  • Moonstone
  • Jade

Do you have to cleanse your crystals?

In short, yes, you should always cleanse your crystals.

Whether they’re brand new, you’ve meditated with them or you’re just carrying them around, they need to be cleansed and recharged.

This is to get rid of the energies they’ve absorbed and allow them to do their work.

How you cleanse them will depend on what types of crystals you have, but using sun or moon energies, or cleansing them in salt or fresh water will do the trick.

Can I wear citrine every day?

Yes, you can wear citrine every day. 

Wearing it every day will only increase its beneficial effects and bring more happiness, abundance and prosperity your way.

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