15 Best Crystals for Travel (for Safe Travelling, Protection and Adventure)

Pack your bags, because we’re covering the best crystals for travel in this article.

Here’s the list:

  • Malachite – For jet lag, motion sickness and accident prevention
  • Tiger’s Eye – For lone travelers
  • Green Aventurine – To attract opportunities on your trip
  • Aquamarine – For safe travel over water and long-distance trips
  • Yellow Jasper – To beat FOMO
  • Garnet – To explore by your senses
  • Blue Aventurine – To go on an adventure
  • Black Tourmaline – To shield your energy field
  • Amethyst – To curb travel anxiety and sleep well anywhere
  • Rhodonite – For couples going on vacation
  • Crazy Lace Agate – To go with the flow
  • Turquoise – To clarify communication and safeguard your possessions
  • Moonstone – For nighttime travel
  • Jade – For good health and new friendships
  • Shungite – To repel electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Can I Travel With Crystals?

Yes, you most definitely can travel with crystals!

Crystals can provide you with safety, security and anxiety relief as you travel.

They can suck up bad energy, repel electromagnetic fields and give you more energy to make the most of your trip.

They can protect you on the highway, on boat rides and in the sky flying from coast to coast.

We’re going to dive into which crystals do what below.

But first, a quick note—it’s always a good idea to look up the guidelines and restrictions of any company you’re traveling with, like a cruise ship or airline.

However, in general, crystals are not restricted unless they’re adding too much bulk and weight to your luggage (which can be a serious problem for crystal addicts).

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Best Crystals for Travel

1. Malachite

one raw and one polished piece of green malachite crystal on a white background

  • Alleviates travel illness, jet lag and physical ailments
  • Guards against accidents
  • Calms travel fears

Malachite is one of the most well-respected travel stones.

It can cure your car or sea sickness, alleviate jet lag, stop vertigo attacks and guide you along safer, more comfortable travels.

It can even soothe your fears of travel, if you have any. For sure, malachite can get you through some long and stressful flights.

And speaking of flights, malachite is also said to provide some protection from radiation.

If you want a stone for accident protection, malachite can do that, too. In short, it’s a phenomenal crystal for taking on just about any big trip.

2. Tiger’s Eye

closeup of polished tiger's eye crystal against a white background

  • Keeps you savvy and alert
  • Gives solo travelers more confidence and independence

Tiger’s eye keeps you sharp when touring new places.

Traditionally, tiger’s eye is an amulet to protect against evil. Lending you its watchful eye, it focuses your attention to what’s going on around you, so you stay savvy and alert.

You’ll have more insight into what’s happening in a given situation so that you’re better able to stay the course and take the best path.

For all those taking a solo trip, tiger’s eye nurtures your solar plexus chakra, making you more confident, courageous and independent.

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3. Green Aventurine

tumbled green aventurine stones

  • Opens up opportunities on your journey
  • Assists you in venturing outside your comfort zone

Green aventurine can open doorways to make your journey that much more amazing.

This lucky crystal is known for inviting opportunities to satiate your deepest desires and create new beginnings.

Even if you’re the timid type, green aventurine bolsters your confidence to say “yes” to what life will offer you.

As it’s especially beneficial in situations where you’re not sure what the outcome will be, it’s perfect for the adventurous soul.

If you want to maximize its benefits, get yourself some green aventurine during the planning stage of your trip. It will shape it into something truly beneficial for you.

4. Aquamarine

tumbled blue aquamarine crystal on a white background

  • Keeps you safe while traveling by water
  • Also protective for long-distance trips

Planning any canoe rides, cruises or other modes of travel by water?

Aquamarine is the crystal you want to pack.

A crystal of Poseidon, it’s said that ancient Greeks wore aquamarine amulets to protect them on dangerous voyages, as did the Romans.

Aquamarine is still a powerful talisman when crossing over water, especially expansive open waters. 

In addition to this, aquamarine will protect you on any long-distance trips, whether by car, plane or train.

5. Yellow Jasper

tumbled yellow jasper stone against a white background

  • Protects in all kinds of travel
  • Creates excitement and enthusiasm
  • Fights FOMO

Yellow jasper has long been used as an amulet for protection with all sorts of travel. This includes travel of the physical, mental and astral types.

It stimulates happiness, courage and excitement, making it a great companion for trying new things.

With its association with the solar plexus chakra, yellow jasper strengthens the ego and will, making you more confident and a better decision-maker.

For anyone who’s wasted precious vacation time fearing FOMO, this is crucial.

6. Garnet

natural red garnet crystal on a stone countertop

  • Enhances your instincts
  • Gives you more energy
  • Triggers your instincts to avoid danger

Garnet is a traveler’s stone that can guide your journeys far and wide.

It enhances your gut instinct, helping you know exactly where to go and what to do.

Strengthening your passion and vitality, garnet is fantastic for discovering through your senses and experiencing in your body.

One great thing about garnet is that it will energize you like a cup of strong coffee. So now you can be sure to cross everything off your itinerary!

As it heightens your instincts, garnet can also make you quicker to react, which can help you avoid danger on the highway or elsewhere.

7. Blue Aventurine

polished blue aventurine crystal against a white background

  • Sparks adventure
  • Prevents your things from getting lost

Looking for a new experience on your vacation? 

Blue aventurine puts you in adventurous spirits to make some amazing memories.

You’ll explore with a sense of authentic wonder and amazement, just like you’re a kid again.

Even if you’re only going for the weekend, blue aventurine can make things more interesting for you.

Put it in your bags and it will keep them from getting lost as well.

8. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline crystal on a piece of wood

  • Grounds you and keeps psychic attacks out
  • Keeps other people’s emotions from affecting you

This is an important crystal to keep for your treks anywhere you go.

The reason is that it’s going to protect your energy and keep negative vibrations far away from you.

If you tend to feel exhausted from crowded airports, black tourmaline is for you.

It will prevent other people’s travel anxieties, stresses and emotions from entering your bubble and affecting you.

9. Amethyst

purple amethyst crystal points close up

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Keeps positive energy around you
  • Makes it easier to fall asleep anywhere

Travelers use amethyst to alleviate anxieties of all types, including anxiousness about flying, sailing and so on.

Grab your amethyst when you’re feeling nervous and just hold onto it. Let its peacefulness flow through you.

Amethyst can also form a cloak of positivity around you, keeping negative influences at bay.

Have a hard time sleeping away from home?

Amethyst can also cure insomnia and give you better, more restful shuteye in your camping tent or hotel room.

10. Rhodonite

tumbled pink rhodonite crystal for the heart chakra against a white background

  • Good for couples to strengthen their bond
  • Prevents arguments through compassion and understanding

If you’re going on a trip with your significant other, rhodonite is the love stone you might want to take.

With its compassionate and loving energy, rhodonite will help you reconnect with each other on a romantic getaway.

Carried with you or kept on your hotel nightstand, rhodonite reduces the risk of lovers’ quarrels. Because nobody wants to spend their vacation arguing.

Its heart-healing energy can also help you let go of any blockages preventing you from accepting joyful experiences.

11. Crazy Lace Agate

two crazy lace agate stone cabochons against a black and white background

  • Encourages you to relax and go with the flow
  • Brings fun, festive energy

If you feel you’re a little too rigid, crazy lace agate enables you to let loose and be more spontaneous.

A fun, joyful stone, crazy lace agate is also nicknamed “Happy Lace” and the “Laughter Stone.”

It encourages you to go with the flow, which is often exactly what we need when things don’t go as we planned.

In fact, you may even have more fun.

Use crazy lace agate to venture off the beaten path and find out where the action is. It will help you embrace all options and spot a fiesta from a mile away.

12. Turquoise

tumbled blue turquoise stone on a white background

  • Safeguards your belongings as you travel
  • Can help prevent accidents
  • Aids clear communication

It’s said that turquoise will guard your stuff so it doesn’t get lost or stolen.

So it may be worthwhile to toss a piece of turquoise in your airplane luggage!

Turquoise is another stone that can help to prevent accidents, especially accidents that involve falling.

But it’s also great for communication, allowing you to convey information clearly and to be understood.

This can come in handy if you’re going somewhere a different language is spoken—though is there really ever a time you don’t need good communication skills?

13. Moonstone

polished tumbled moonstone crystal spheres on a black table

  • Provides safety travelling at night and over water
  • Brings good fortune
  • Beneficial for anyone spending time outdoors

As a talisman of travelers, moonstone is most protective at night.

So if you’re on a road trip driving in the wee hours of the morning, consider moonstone as your passenger.

Moonstone can also defend your travels on water and bless your journey with good luck and calm, peaceful encounters.

Associated with the rhythms of nature, moonstone is a fabulous one to take with you on camping trips or any wilderness excursion.

Meditate with it outside to find your inner peace and connect to the natural world around you.

14. Jade

natural green jade stone pieces

  • Helps to prevent illness
  • Can spark new friendships on your travels

Jade is highly prized for its beauty, spiritual properties and tendency to make good things happen in your life.

But as a traveler’s stone, jade can keep you in fit and healthy condition.

Traveling on trains and planes with little air flow and exposing yourself to various environments, you can easily pick up a nasty bug.

But jade can help prevent illness and speed up recovery if you do catch something.

As it attracts friendship, jade can also bring new friends and acquaintances into your path.

15. Shungite

fragment of raw black shungite stone against a white background

  • Repels electromagnetic radiation
  • Purifies energy and the emotional body

Did you know there are crystals that can repel electromagnetic fields (EMF) from those airport security body scanners?

Shungite is one of the best.

In fact, shungite can reduce electromagnetic radiation from  cellphones, TVs and other technologies we use every day.

Cleansing your aura and acting as a vacuum for negativity, shungite will leave you feeling light and emotionally stable.

Crystal FAQ

What gemstone represents adventure?

If you want an adventure, these stones will send you off on a journey to remember:

  • Blue aventurine
  • Green aventurine
  • Mookaite
  • Crazy Lace Agate
  • Amazonite
  • Golden aura quartz
  • Mimetite
  • Labradorite

Is tiger’s eye good for travel?


As we mention above, tiger’s eye can assist in the creation of some really interesting opportunities for your travels.

It brings forward your qualities associated with your personal power, making you more confidence and secure.

The universe recognizes this and delivers experiences that help you grow as a person who is fully aware of their power to make their own dreams come true.

Crystals to bring with you

These crystals are recommended for carrying with you at all times:

  • Selenite – Raises your vibration
  • Citrine – An incredible positive energy crystal
  • Amethyst – Expands awareness and soothes anxiety
  • Rose quartz – For love 
  • Black tourmaline – Blocks bad vibes
  • Tiger’s eye – Creates opportunities
  • Red jasper – Increases your chi

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What is the best crystal to wear daily?

Crystals you’ll want to wear daily include:

  • Clear quartz – For clear thinking and energy amplification
  • Rose quartz – To love yourself and others
  • Amethyst – To stay stress-free and connect to the universe
  • Citrine – For happiness and abundance
  • Green aventurine – For abundance, wealth and emotional balance
  • Tiger’s eye – To achieve your goals
  • Smoky quartz – To ground and protect you
  • Black tourmaline – To transmute negativity into positive energy
  • Selenite – To cleanse your aura and keep chakras aligned

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What crystal is best for everything?

If there’s a crystal that’s best for everything, it’s clear quartz.

Clear quartz can be programmed to do whatever you want it to do. We’re talking about strong, unlimited manifestation powers.

Whether you want deep healing, spiritual guidance or to manifest a better job, clear quartz will be the antenna that broadcasts your wish to the universe and makes it come true.

What is the luckiest crystal?

Green aventurine is often said to be the luckiest, but it’s not the only one.

Here are some of the luckiest crystals you can buy:

  • Green aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Green jade
  • Carnelian
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Clear quartz

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What crystals can’t be in sun?

Many crystals will actually lose color in direct sun exposure.

Others will get brittle, chip and crack.

There’s a fairly extensive list of crystals you shouldn’t leave in sunlight, so we’re just going to list some of the most common you’ll come across: 

  • Common quartz varieties – amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz
  • Fluorite 
  • Ametrine
  • Sodalite (unless you keep sun exposure to an hour or two)
  • Aquamarine
  • Calcite
  • Aventurine
  • Turquoise
  • Opal
  • Amber

What crystal is good for anxiety?

These are some of the best crystals to banish anxiety:

  • Amethyst
  • Watermelon tourmaline
  • Green aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Moonstone
  • Rose quartz
  • Lepidolite
  • Jade

Crystals to bring to the beach

Want to pay homage to the ocean and connect to the ebb and flow of its tides?

Bring these crystals to the beach:

  • Aquamarine
  • Amazonite
  • Ocean jasper
  • Moonstone
  • Clear quartz
  • Blue lace agate

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