11 Best Crystals to Carry With You (For Love, Wealth, Career and More)

Wondering what the best crystals to carry with you are?

We’ve put together a list of crystals that provide maximum benefits without disrupting your day, even if you carry them around all day long:

  • Selenite – Cleanses energy and raises your vibration
  • Citrine – Boosts positive energy and abundance
  • Amethyst – Soothes your soul and expands consciousness
  • Rose Quartz – Manifests love 
  • Black Tourmaline – Shields you from bad energy
  • Tiger’s Eye – Channels inner strength into opportunities
  • Red Jasper – Creates a zest for life
  • Clear Quartz – Helps you manifest your dreams
  • Green Aventurine – Keeps you on an emotional even keel
  • Fluorite – Helps you think clearly
  • Aquamarine – Improves your communication skills

Best Crystals to Carry With You

1. Selenite

selenite healing crystal tower on a wooden surface

  • Cleans up the energy around you
  • Boosts your intuition
  • Keeps your vibration high

Selenite is one of the most beautiful crystals you can carry with you for clean, radiant energy.

This is a very high-vibrational crystal that will purify the energy around you as you go about your day. 

It’s also great for clear vision, activating your crown chakra to let information flow in. 

This will spark images and ideas for you, all of which will move you along your personal path of greatest good.

On top of this, selenite will cleanse all your chakras in one clean sweep and keep your vibration high.

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2. Citrine

raw citrine crystal point on a white background

  • Manifests abundance
  • Considered lucky if you’re trying to create wealth
  • Gives you a mood boost

Citrine, the happy-go-lucky crystal of abundance, is a wonderful crystal to keep on you all day, every day.

This cheerful orange gemstone can breed abundance for your finances. Consider slipping a piece in your wallet.

Citrine is also great to have near you if you want a mood boost.

It’s such a joyful crystal, it will wrap you in its positive energy and lift your spirits when you’re down.

3. Amethyst

purple amethyst crystal cluster closeup on a white background

  • Calming for fear and anxiety
  • Expands your consciousness
  • Provides psychic protection

There are so many great benefits to holding onto a piece of amethyst in your pocket or in jewelry.

Amethyst is calming and peaceful. It will kick any anxieties you suffer from to the curb. 

Any fears you have, it can put to rest, allowing you to try new experiences and grow as a person.

Attempting to expand your consciousness? Amethyst is an excellent crystal for the job.

It’ll connect you to realms of higher consciousness and provide psychic protection as you interact with other people throughout the day.

4. Rose Quartz

raw rough pink rose quartz crystals

  • Attracts love into your life
  • Creates more self-love and appreciation

What’s not to love about rose quartz?

Many are drawn to it for its graceful beauty and its soft, loving energy.

It is indeed a crystal of love, famous for attracting romance, but also fantastic for nurturing more self-love.

Are you your own biggest critic? Not really feeling yourself?

Whether you want to put the vibes out there that you’re looking for love or you need to work on your self-esteem, rose quartz is your friend.

5. Black Tourmaline

small pieces of black tourmaline crystal

  • Blocks negative energy
  • Keeps other people’s emotions from affecting you

Black tourmaline protects you from negative energy coming from outside of yourself.

If other people’s bad vibes or emotions get you down or you just feel drained from interacting with people all day, carry black tourmaline with you.

It makes it so you’re not subject to experiencing others’ emotions.

It’ll ground you and make you feel more stable and secure, creating a sense of safety.

6. Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye crystal bead bracelet on a wooden surface

  • Helps turn your strengths into opportunities
  • Instills courage and good judgment
  • Excellent for business and career moves

If you’re feeling a little unmotivated or like you’re drifting through life, keep a piece of tiger’s eye on you.

Tiger’s eye fires the solar plexus chakra, the seat of personal power.

This stone will ground you and challenge you to put your natural strengths and capabilities to their best use.

As you gain courage and good judgment, you’ll be seen as more knowledgeable, competent and capable, which can be a major boon to your career, business dealings and job-hunting.

You’ll generate opportunities from the universe—and be ready to pounce.

7. Red Jasper

polished tumbled red jasper crystal against a white background

  • Increases life force energy
  • Gives you a greater zest for life
  • Activates kundalini

Opening your root chakra, red jasper is energizing and life-giving.

It increases chi, your vital life force energy, and promotes physical health, stamina and enthusiasm.

When this stone is worn or carried, life is more vivid, making for greater enjoyment of what you would normally take for granted, be it your breakfast or the wind in your hair.

As a stone of passion, it can also stimulate creativity, courage and sexual energy.

Spiritually, red jasper will activate kundalini energy and make you more present and aware.

8. Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal point on a pale pink surface

  • Clears and aligns your chakras
  • Assists in manifesting anything you desire

Clear quartz is a “master healer” crystal.

It carries a very high vibrational frequency and, like selenite, can clear all your chakras.

Though it’s excellent for a positivity lift, what’s most impressive about this crystal is its ability to help you manifest.

You can “program” it to do anything you want, from healing, to finding a new car, to making you more intuitive and knowing.

It will carry your intention and amplify its energy, bringing it into your reality.

9. Green Aventurine

polished green aventurine crystal against a white background

  • Considered lucky
  • Balances emotions
  • Calms panic and anxiety

Green aventurine is considered super lucky in financial success and just good things happening to you.

But perhaps more powerfully, green aventurine is a profound heart chakra healer. 

It removes blockages, balancing emotions and cooling hot tempers.

Green aventurine will help you detach yourself from negative emotional patterns, encouraging you to grow into a lighter, more whole version of yourself.

It’s also a good stone to have if you’re prone to anxiety and panic attacks.

10. Fluorite

raw rainbow fluorite crystal against a white background

  • Great for concentration
  • Expands your thinking for better problem-solving

Feel like you can’t think?

Fluorite is nicknamed “The Genius Stone,” and for good reason.

This pretty crystal improves your mental flow and cognition, helping you concentrate on a single thought, problem or task.

You’ll have more mental capacity to analyze and fix issues, and you’ll find that your memory for new information is sharper.

There’s a huge variety of situations fluorite can be essential in, including for office work, studying, writing, management and any occupation that requires focus and complex problem-solving.

11. Aquamarine

tumbled blue aquamarine stones against a white background

  • Makes you a better communicator
  • Helps you find the right words at the right time

Communication isn’t always so easy.

If you find that you don’t always have the right words to express yourself to others, try aquamarine.

Aquamarine will help you communicate clearly, fearlessly and yet gently and diplomatically.

This can really save you from instances of confrontation or confusion where either your words will be misunderstood, or taken the wrong way.

Whether you’re addressing a crowd or having a heart-to-heart with a friend, aquamarine smooths the conversation and helps you connect your heart with your words.

Crystal FAQ

What crystal should I carry for good luck?

If you want more good luck in your life, keep these crystals:

  • Citrine
  • Green aventurine
  • Pyrite
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Sunstone
  • Jade
  • Carnelian

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What crystals do I need?

The best answer is usually the one your own intuition gives you—or asking the universe to put crystals that are helpful to you in your path.

But if you’re a total newbie to the crystal world, there are some crystals that you probably want to have in your collection. Here’s a handful:

  • Clear quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Selenite
  • Agate

Check out Best Starter Crystals for more crystals you need and why.

What is the best crystal to wear every day?

Some of the best crystals to wear every day for their positive vibes and gifts are:

  • Rose quartz for loving energy
  • Smoky quartz to ground and protect you
  • Amethyst for peaceful energy
  • Citrine for happiness and abundance
  • Green aventurine for calm and serenity
  • Tiger’s eye for confidence
  • Labradorite for a little magic in your day
  • Moonstone to relax you

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Where should I carry my crystals?

The simplest ways to carry your crystals are in your pocket or on your body in jewelry, such as necklaces, rings and bracelets.

This will keep their energies close to you so that they have a potent effect on you everywhere you go.

You can also carry crystals wherever it makes sense to.

For example, if you have no pockets, keep them in your bra!

Other places to carry crystals might be your wallet, change purse, or in a pouch to keep them organized.

How to carry crystals in your bra

You can just pop crystals right in your bra!

For the most part, you don’t need to get fancy. Just place a crystal where it feels most comfortable for you in your bra.

However, you may find that tumbled stones feel better against your skin.

As a quick warning, some crystals shouldn’t meet water, which means they won’t respond well to sweat, either.

Selenite, for example, will start to disintegrate, so keep it out of your bra. 

Crystals to keep in your wallet

Did you know some crystals can attract money? Keeping them in your wallet is a good move as a symbol of your intention. 

Here are the crystals you should keep in your wallet:

  • Citrine
  • Green aventurine
  • Pyrite
  • Sunstone
  • Jade
  • Clear quartz (if you program it for wealth)
  • Tiger’s eye

Can you travel with crystals?

Yes, you can certainly travel with your crystals.

Whether you travel by car, boat or airplane, they can go with you.

That’s the beauty of tumbled stones, crystal jewelry and small specimens—they are already travel-friendly.

If you want to know which crystals you should take with you, read Best Crystals for Travel.

Just be sure that if you’re taking a plane somewhere and you want to bring crystals with you, especially larger geodes, you check the weight of your baggage so it doesn’t exceed limits.

Do you have to cleanse your crystals?

Yes, cleansing your crystals is important to get rid of any negative energy they may have picked up.

New crystals should be cleansed because you don’t know what type of energy their previous handlers left on them.

As well, the more often you use your crystals, the more often you’ll cleanse them.

Purify your crystals with sunlight or moonlight. Note, different crystals take to the sun and moon with different effects.

Burying your crystals in the ground can also be very cleansing for them from Gaia energy, as can saging them.

Best crystals to wear around your neck

Wearing a crystal around your neck makes it easy to tote it around, it looks stylish and you’ll have it in a prominent place energetically.

While it’s always a good idea to let your intuition guide you on which crystal you should be wearing, some crystals do particularly well around the neck.

Pink and green crystals, which correspond to the heart chakra, do well as longer necklaces that go over (or near) your heart chakra. They’ll heal it and work faster due to the close proximity.

These include crystals like:

  • Rose quartz
  • Jade
  • Amazonite

Other great crystals to wear around your neck are clear quartz for amplifying your energy and amethyst for keeping a cool head and projecting a calm and collected attitude.

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