Best Crystals to Meditate With (14 Stones to Deepen Meditation)

Plain and simple, using crystals will make your meditations more effective. It’s like using a megaphone to amplify your intentions. 

So which are the best crystals to meditate with?

We’re going to answer this question in detail below. If you’re short on time, here’s our short list of top meditation crystals:

  • Clear Quartz – To clear your mind and manifest your dreams
  • Amethyst – To dissolve fear and embrace cosmic consciousness
  • Red Jasper – To increase your vital life force and awaken kundalini energy
  • Selenite – To find inner peace and contact the angelic realms
  • Fluorite – For finding creative solutions to problems
  • Hematite – To stay in the present moment
  • Citrine – To invite joy, abundance and prosperity
  • Rose Quartz – To develop unconditional love for yourself and others
  • Garnet – To stop overthinking and accomplish your goals
  • Labradorite – For discovering your inner light and potential
  • Black Tourmaline – For psychic protection and grounding
  • Lapis Lazuli – To access your authentic self
  • Moldavite – To transform your life
  • Unakite – For lifting emotional baggage

What Is a Meditation Stone?

woman lying down with crystals on her forehead and chest with a quote about meditating with crystals and stones

A meditation stone is a crystal, stone or gemstone that supercharges your meditations.

Meditation stones help shape your sense of self, your awareness and even your reality.

And while they’re often used to increase mindfulness, awareness and inner peace, they have a pretty wide variety of uses.

This is because no two meditation stones are the same—each has its own unique benefits according to its vibration.

So when you ask which meditation stone is right for you, the answer is the one that “specializes” in what you desire.

Do you want to focus your mind? De-stress? Get you in touch with your spirit guides? Attract love, wealth and success?

Choosing a stone that does one or more of these things will attract that energy to you like a magnet when you focus on it during your meditations and help bring it into your life.

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Best Crystals to Meditate With

1. Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal points on a wooden stump outside

  • Quiets mental “chatter” for more effective meditation
  • Amplifies energy
  • Manifests whatever you desire

It’s normal to battle disruptive thoughts while meditating.

Trouble is, unless you can counteract the constant distractions, they can block you from reaching higher states of consciousness.

Clear quartz is your friend here. It will tune out the mental noise so you can put your full energy on your chosen intention, mantra or visualization.

One of the biggest reasons people want this “Master Healer” crystal in their arsenal is that it amplifies energy. You can use clear quartz to either manifest any desire you “program” into it, or strengthen the energies of other meditation stones.

Pretty impressive for such an unassuming crystal.

As a Master Healer crystal, clear quartz will also align all of your chakras, clean up darkness in your aura and transmute negative energy harnessing the power of pure white light.

2. Amethyst

raw purple amethyst crystal cluster against a white background

  • Taps into cosmic consciousness
  • Sweeps away fear and anxiety
  • Plugs you into the spiritual universe

Amethyst is one of the best meditation crystals to induce cosmic consciousness.

This famous crystal reinforces your connection to the metaphysical universe, channeling insights from the cosmos through your intuition and into your mind and dreams.

Not only will it deepen your meditations, it will also draw out fears that could interfere with your ability to reach your higher self.

With its peaceful energy, amethyst can conquer anxiety even with a quick meditation on your lunch break.

It makes us feel both humbled and amazed, connecting us to spiritual existence on a grand universal scale. 

3. Red Jasper 

Polished red jasper stones on a white table

  • Provides major stamina for long or difficult meditations
  • Perfect for kundalini meditations for rapid consciousness expansion
  • Increases your chi

If you’re planning a meditation retreat, you might want to take red jasper along.

This gemstone increases your chi, or the vital life force flowing through you. As a result, you’ll have much more strength and stamina to really push your meditations and stay in that state for hours.

Hold red jasper while you meditate, and you’ll enjoy better health and vitality.

It will ground you with its sturdy earth energy and awaken your kundalini, rapidly expanding your consciousness while stabilizing you at the same time.

Kundalini meditations can help you lead a life of greater intention and awareness.

All around, red jasper is an amazing stone for anyone who wants to embrace the physical nature of spiritual exploration.

4. Selenite

polished selenite crystal ball outside on the ground on some moss

  • Creates instant peace and relaxation
  • Connects you to spiritual and angelic planes of existence
  • Makes any room tranquil for meditation

Selenite is a beautiful meditation crystal.

It’s said to access and channel wisdom directly from the spiritual and angelic realms, allowing you to receive messages through your crown chakra. 

Just holding selenite in your hand creates a sensation of serenity, creating a near instant peaceful meditative mind space.

Place a piece of selenite in a room, and it will turn it into a sanctuary for your meditations.

Selenite is a very high-vibrational crystal that activates the light body, promotes self-awareness and protects you on your journey throughout the spiritual worlds.

5. Fluorite

tumbled polished fluorite crystal against a white background

  • Helps you concentrate
  • Reveals creative solutions to problems
  • Balances the heart and mind

Have a problem that requires a new way of looking at things to solve it? Meditate on it with fluorite.

Called the “Genius Stone,” fluorite has a remarkable capacity to focus the mind, sharpen your analytical skills and foster good decision-making.

You can also use fluorite to give yourself a productivity boost if you’re feeling mentally sluggish.

Yet another use for fluorite is emotional harmonizing. If how you think is how you feel, fluorite will help you feel balanced and in control so you can “think through” your feelings better. 

This can be a huge advantage to anyone who has frequent mood swings or just doesn’t want to be at the mercy of their emotions.

6. Hematite

tumbled polished silver hematite stone on a white background

  • Focuses your attention on the present moment
  • Calms the monkey mind
  • Eliminates stresses from your environment

One of the greatest goals of meditation is to live in the present moment. 

Too often, we feel like we’re being pulled in a hundred different directions. We get distracted from what really matters, and we lose our way.

Hematite is an excellent stone to pull you back into the here and now, helping you use your energy in more intentional ways.

If you can’t switch off your brain or you’re hearing phantom notifications on your phone, hematite will bring calmness to the monkey mind.

In this way, hematite also helps us shed a lot of the anxieties and stresses that we don’t even notice coming from our environment. 

7. Citrine

yellow citrine crystal point in a woman's hands meditating

  • Creates happiness, excitement and joy
  • Attracts success and prosperity
  • Brings luck to new adventures in your life

Meditating with citrine is like throwing open a window on a spring day, letting the good sunshine and air in.

It’s a stone of pure joy and can infuse excitement into your pursuits. 

In fact, this is a great stone to use during any new beginnings, such as a new job, partnership or hobby. Citrine will infuse it with good luck and positivity.

Citrine is a stone of abundance that’s particularly well-known for bringing prosperity to its user. Happiness, money, luck—these are all manifestations of abundance.

Citrine helps you manifest these things through affirming that you are worthy of them, charging your solar plexus chakra to fuel your confidence and self-worth.

Meditating on the fact that you deserve these things will draw them to you.

8. Rose Quartz

rough pink rose quartz crystals closeup

  • Helps you develop more self-love and appreciation
  • Nurtures unconditional love and relationships
  • Attracts romance

Meditating with rose quartz will open your heart to the beauty of unconditional love, whether for yourself or for others.

If you battle feelings of not being good enough, smart enough or good-looking enough, this is an important crystal to repair your self-image and teach you self-love.

With its association with the heart chakra, it’s an extraordinary crystal for healing emotional hurts and promoting wellness through the vibration of divine love.

In terms of your relationships, whether romantic or with family or friends, rose quartz will re-energize them with lightness and compassion.

Yet another way to meditate with rose quartz is to set your intention on finding a new romance. 

If love is your goal, rose quartz is for you.

9. Garnet

faceted oval red garnet precious gemstones on a white surface

  • Helps you stop overthinking and achieve your goals
  • Gives you stamina to get work done
  • Adds sexual energy to your aura

If you have goals you want to meet, garnet will inspire you.

Almandine garnet, the deep red variety most of us know, is a great productivity stone.

It stimulates the root chakra and gives you the stamina and determination to take on your projects.

You’ll stop agonizing over every little detail, and instead get things done. All the while, you’ll feel more energized, capable and physically motivated. 

This stone also adds a subtle magnetic energy to your presence and awakens your sexuality, in a way that will make you feel empowered.

10. Labradorite

polished piece of labradorite stone on a wooden table

  • Unearths your inner potential
  • Develops psychic talents

Working with labradorite helps you step into yourself and recognize your potential.

Part of this comes from the inner reflection you’ll do when you meditate with this luminescent stone. 

Like the flashes of light inside it, labradorite creates flashes of insight into who you are deep down. Nurturing your self-worth, it will reflect back to you what power you hold. 

As it reveals your inner light, you’ll let go of limiting ideas about yourself that keep you from embracing your true path.

Labradorite is also said to be magical, creating a portal to inner and outer worlds. So if you want to be more telepathic and develop your psychic talents, you can call on labradorite.

11. Black Tourmaline

rough black tourmaline natural crystal on a white table

  • Forms a protective shield around your energy field
  • Clears away negative thoughts and feelings
  • Prevents harmful attachments

This is a popular stone to add to your rituals thanks to its extraordinary protective energies.

Black tourmaline creates a safe space to connect to other realms of consciousness and open yourself up to psychic experiences.

It’ll shield you during your meditations and prevent negative attachments from entering your energy field.

Whether you hold onto it or use it as a room cleanser, black tourmaline will suck up any bad vibrations and emotions. 

It can even wipe away negative thoughts from your mind that might stop you from achieving your meditation goals. 

And as it’s a great grounding stone, it’ll keep you centered and stable during your meditations.

12. Lapis Lazuli

pieces of rough blue lapis lazuli stone

  • Puts you in touch with your authentic self
  • Helps you speak your truth

Accessing your subconscious, lapis lazuli holds your hand as you dive deep into your inner world during meditation and discover your innate wisdom.

This mesmerizing blue stone offers knowledge of the self. It invites you to explore what lies beneath the identity you project in everyday life and express your truth.

This is more important than many of us realize. Because when you suppress your ideas and wisdom, you deny yourself—and others—the chance to grow from them.

With lapis lazuli guiding you, you can bring out the best within yourself and share it with the world with confidence and authenticity.

13. Moldavite

olive green moldavite raw crystal on a white background

  • Shows which major changes you need to make in your life
  • Creates opportunities for greater personal fulfillment

If you’re ready to change your life, try moldavite, the extraterrestrial “Stone of Transformation” that came from a meteorite crashing into earth.

Moldavite activates both inner and outer transformation. Its influence will inspire in you a sudden knowing of what you need to do to move forward on your personal path—and what you need to leave behind.

Get ready, because it has the ability to create physical changes in your daily life. 

You may experience major shifts in your relationships or career that are sudden and uncomfortable initially. Stay in your heart center and trust that moldavite is healing you, creating positive opportunities that will make you much happier in the long run.

We recommend using a grounding stone like black tourmaline with moldavite so that it isn’t overpowering.

14. Unakite

closeup of three round unakite stone cabochons on a black surface

  • Releases negative emotions weighing you down
  • Gives strength to face coming challenges
  • Opens your third eye

If your back is breaking from the weight of all the heavy feelings, unakite can make you whole again.

Incredibly healing to the heart chakra, unakite nurtures your emotional body back to health.

Meditation sessions with unakite can help release repressed emotions. But rather than ripping the Band-aid off, it does this gently, over time.

Ultimately, you’ll feel stronger in your ability to deal with whatever comes next.

This is a great stone to work through feelings like anger, regret, unworthiness and grief.

Bonus: using unakite can open your third eye and introduce you to more psychic experiences.

Crystal FAQ

How to meditate with chakra stones

One of the tried-and-tested ways to meditate with chakra stones is to place them on your body, over the chakras they’re associated with.

So if you were to do a chakra meditation with a stone like amethyst, you would place it over your crown chakra, or at the top of your head.

If you’re doing a full-body chakra-clearing meditation, you’ll place a stone on each chakra energy center on your body while lying down.

This type of meditation might provide an energetic intensity to your experience, but it’s not the only way.

Your chakras will also benefit from meditating with a chakra stone held in your hand.

Or, depending on your goals and the type of stone, a placement in your home, office or meditation room.

How to meditate with rose quartz

You can hold rose quartz in your hand while repeating a mantra that is associated with the effects you want. For example, more self-love or to open your heart to greater compassion.

Choose a mantra that resonates with you, such as “I love and accept myself completely,” or “My soulmate is on their path to me now.”

Don’t forget to first cleanse your rose quartz and set your intention. As a piece of quartz, it’s highly programmable. 

To first program it, simply hold your crystal and visualize what you want to achieve. Feel that intention soaking into the rose quartz. 

You can also speak your intention out loud, and repeat as many times as you feel necessary until you can feel the synergy between your intention and the stone.

What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

If your goal is to make your bedroom a sleep-inducing haven of relaxation, these crystals may be disruptive in your sleep space: 

  • Carnelian
  • Tourmaline
  • Turquoise
  • Moldavite
  • Malachite
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Hematite
  • Libyan desert glass

What crystal is good for mindfulness?

Being in tune with your senses and feelings without becoming overly attached is important for becoming a more aware, enlightened being. 

Crystals that are good for mindfulness include:

  • Hematite
  • Red jasper
  • Mookaite
  • Garnet
  • Citrine
  • Bloodstone
  • Agate
  • Red tiger’s eye
  • Clear quartz

What to do when you first get crystals?

You should cleanse your crystals when you first get them.

A major reason being that they can carry negative energies or attachments from their former lives, before they found their way to you.

Depending on the type of crystal you have, you may charge it in sunlight or moonlight.

Can I put crystals under my pillow?

You certainly can!

Putting crystals under your pillow is generally recommended if you’re attempting to do some kind of sleep or dream work.

So for example, you might put labradorite under your pillow at night to do some lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Amethyst can produce a calming, restful state under your pillow as well.

Just don’t put crystals that are too high-energy and active where you lay your head at night (like buzzing garnet or carnelian), or you may be up all night!

Where should rose quartz be placed in a bedroom?

In line with classical feng shui practices, you would put the rose quartz in the southwest corner of your bedroom. This is the relationship corner, or the love corner.

Putting rose quartz here would help to attract romance and to bring more love into your relationships.

For greater self-love and to use rose quartz heart-healing benefits, put it under your mattress where it lines up with your heart chakra.

Or, you can simply place it near where you sleep, like on a bedside night table.

And if you want to sleep more peacefully at night, place rose quartz under your pillow.

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