20 Black and White Crystals You Need to Know About

Black and white crystals are popular not only for their contrasting beauty, but also for their protection capabilities and unlocking spiritual advancement. Throughout history, these monochromatic gems have held an enduring appeal, symbolizing balance, harmony, and personal transformation.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of these fascinating crystals, exploring their various types of black and white crystals and the benefits they bring to your life.

Unique Black and White Crystals

These black and white crystals not only offer unique patterns and colors but also carry various energies that can benefit their users.

Explore their potential to enhance your crystal collection and everyday life.

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper is a striking gemstone with black and white bands that resemble a zebra’s stripes. This crystal is known to balance the chakras and promote physical energy and stamina.

Its bold patterns have made it a popular choice for decorative items and jewelry. Commonly found in Africa, Zebra Jasper is often used in meditation practices to ground and center the mind.

Dalmation Stone (Dalmatian Jasper)

Dalmatian Jasper, named after the spotted Dalmatian dog breed, is a unique and eye-catching stone. This crystal is a mix of black and white spots, primarily composed of feldspar and quartz.

It is said to have protective and calming properties, making it a great companion stone for those dealing with stress or negativity. It also brings a playful element to your life, and can be a great companion to travel with for opening yourself up to adventure.

Dalmatian Jasper is primarily found in Mexico but can also be sourced from other locations worldwide.


A dose of serenity, Howlite is a calming crystal characterized by its white color and grey veining. Its strength lies in reducing anxiety, stress, and anger. It’s also considered a wonderful stone for those who are grieving, alleviating psychic pain and helping you to process your emotions.

Some people use Howlite as a sleep aid, carrying it in their pockets or placing it under their pillows to induce peaceful dreams. Additionally, this crystal is effective in easing communication difficulties and increasing patience and tolerance.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone, a rare crystal, is known for its flower-like patterns. Looking at it, you can see why it’s so sought-after—the white “petals” contrast sharply with the black background.

It’s mainly composed of celestite, calcite, and limestone. Hailing from China, this unique stone helps you embrace change and encourages a sense of harmony in your life. Chrysanthemum Stone makes a stunning addition to any crystal collection.

Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone is a distinctive black and white crystal found in Alaska. This stone, a variety of Gabbro, holds powerful grounding and protective properties.

Its unique icy appearance is due to the presence of feldspar and magnetite. Often used as a talisman to ward off negative energy, Blizzard Stone has a strong connection to the earth, making it a favorite among nature lovers and collectors.


Neptunite is an intriguing black and white crystal that features small white cross-like patterns on a deep black background. Rare and valuable, this stone is mainly found in San Benito County, California.

Known for helping users overcome feelings of limitation or negativity, Neptunite is an empowering and motivational crystal. Its unique aesthetic and metaphysical properties make it a sought-after crystal among enthusiasts.

Snowflake Obsidian

Largely found in areas of the world like Mexico, Iceland and the United States, Snowflake Obsidian is a special type of Obsidian stone. Looking at it, you can see where it gets its name with snowflake-like impressions in the black rock.

This crystal is a powerful protector against negative energy and negative thought patterns. Use it to release heavy and harmful mental energies and purify the mind.

Banded Black Agate

Black Agate is found in many locations in the world, from the United States, to Brazil, to African regions. With a whitish band across its black surface, Banded Black Agate can help provide a light in the darkness for its user.

This stone is extremely helpful during times of crisis and transition. It can help you find comfort and security and make change feel less turbulent in your life. It’s also great for those dealing with grief, stabilizing emotions and helping you to release emotional pain.

Striped Onyx (Black Banded Onyx)

Delivering a profound sense of security, Striped Onyx is found mostly in India, Brazil, and the Malagasy Republic. Banded Onyx is rare and can contain multiple colors, not just black and white.

Black Banded Onyx increases your stamina and makes a powerful talisman of safety. It fosters a strong sense of will and helps you overcome fear with grace and inner strength.

This black stone also encourages spiritual advancement and attunement.

Popular Black Crystals

Black gemstones are often used for grounding, soothing, and protection purposes. These black gemstones are believed to transmute negative energies and help the wearer or carrier achieve a sense of balance, inner peace and strength.

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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a popular and powerful protective stone. It is known for its ability to dispel negative energy and protect against harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

People often use Black Tourmaline in their homes, jewelry, or even carrying it with them in their bags or pockets for an extra layer of protection. It is also beneficial for grounding, balancing, and reducing anxiety.

Black Obsidian

A hypnotic volcanic glass, Black Obsidian has grounding, healing, and protective properties. It is widely used for spiritual cleansing and energy clearing.

Black Obsidian is especially useful for cutting emotional cords and removing negative attachments. Additionally, it is considered helpful in revealing one’s shadow self and promoting self-discovery.


Black Agate is a variety of Chalcedony that can be found in various colors, including black. It’s a popular choice for its grounding and stabilizing abilities while also providing a sense of inner calm and balance.

Black Agate is particularly beneficial for times of challenge and change by strengthening one’s resolve and resilience.


Thought to provide some EMF protection, Shungite is a rare black mineraloid that contains fullerenes, giving it unique healing and protective properties. It is often used for purifying water, as well as shielding against electromagnetic radiation.

People use Shungite in their homes, offices, and while working with electronics, as it is believed to help remove negative energy and promote physical well-being.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is a unique and powerful healing crystal known for its diverse range of metaphysical properties. You can use it for grounding, clearing, and balancing energies, as well as protection from negative influences.

Additionally, Black Kyanite is believed to aid in supporting spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a powerful and protective black crystal. Like the black-and-white Banded Onyx, Black Onyx fosters inner strength, focus, and self-mastery.

This stone is highly prized for its ability to boost self-confidence and safeguard the wearer from negative energy and harmful emotional and spiritual influences. You can also call upon it to help you break bad habits and overcome negative patterns in your psyche.

Popular White Crystals

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal known for its amplifying properties. Commonly found in various parts of the world, Clear Quartz has been used throughout history for making tools and jewelry, among other metaphysical purposes.

Bringing clarity to thoughts and improving focus, Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal for concentration and mental fitness. Beyond this, it’s also fantastic for healing—in fact, it’s considered a “master healer” crystal.

As it amplifies energy and intentions, this crystal can be programmed with any intention you set and help you manifest your desires.

White Moonstone

Like the moon itself, Moonstone carries a certain mystique. Known for its unique translucent and pearly luster that resembles the moon, This captivating crystal enhances intuition, spiritual growth, and emotional balance.

Try using Moonstone in your meditation practices, or simply wearing it daily for calm, tranquility, and connecting to your inner self.

Moonstone is also believed to support menstrual health and ease the transition of life changes.


Selenite is a delicate, translucent white crystal known for its spiritual properties. Its pure, high vibrations are said to connect with higher realms, enhancing spirituality and promoting mental clarity.

Selenite is often used in meditation and energy cleansing practices, as it’s a champion of clearing negative energy from other crystals, personal spaces, and even from the mind.

Due to its sensitivity to moisture, if you use Selenite, do keep it dry and protected from humidity.

White Calcite

White Calcite can help you grow your psychic abilities and intuition. It protects your auric field and gives a sense of achievable spiritual growth—powerful, but not too heady or overwhelming.

White Calcite is also linked to mental clarity and intelligence. Vibrationally, it’s in sync with all chakras and can provide cleansing and balancing to your chakras.

White Opal

If you suffer from overthinking or an overactive imagination, try White Opal. This healing crystal brings peace of mind and calmness of spirit.

With its opalescence and inner glow, White Opal encourages inward reflection and truth-seeking. Use it to nurture your sense of self, foster self-love, and attune to higher consciousness. Some also use White Opal (and other types of Opal, like Fire Opal) to spark passion and romance in their relationships.

What Do Black and White Crystals Do?

Yin and Yang Properties

Black and white crystals are considered highly potent in promoting balance and harmony in one’s life. These crystals embody the concept of yin and yang, representing opposite forces that are interconnected and complementary to each other.

Yin, symbolized by black crystals, carries the energy of receptivity, intuition, and wisdom. Yang, represented by white crystals, expresses the qualities of action, growth, and expansion.

These dualistic crystals serve as symbolic representations of the universe’s natural order. They remind us that seemingly opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent, working together to create equilibrium in the world.

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Balancing Energy

The harmonizing energy of black and white crystals is said to provide support in balancing your mind, body, and spirit. When these energies are in sync, you’re able to achieve a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Using black crystals and white crystals together, or crystals that combine black and white colors within them (like Dalmation Stone and Zebra Jasper), can be extremely beneficial in the following areas.

  • Emotional Well-Being: They can help you find emotional stability by releasing negative energy and promoting positive thoughts.
  • Physical Health: These crystals may aid in ensuring the proper flow of energy through the body, which is essential for maintaining good health.
  • Relationships: Integrating these crystals into your life can assist in fostering more balanced, harmonious relationships with others.
  • Personal Growth: As you embrace the balance provided by these potent crystals, you are likely to find yourself more receptive to new perspectives, ideas, and opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, when you harness the combined energies of yin and yang with these beautiful stones, it can help create a sense of equilibrium, fostering a more centered, fulfilled existence.

How Black and White Crystals Support the Chakras

Black crystals are typically associated with the Root Chakra, while white crystals are primarily linked to the Crown Chakra.

Below, let’s explore how these crystals affect and support the chakras.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is responsible for grounding and stability. Black crystals, such as black tourmaline, hematite, and smoky quartz, open this chakra and help make it stronger.

Think of your root chakra like strong roots to a tree. With black crystals supporting this chakra, you can more easily:

  • Ground your energy and make you feel more centered.
  • Protect against negative energy and psychic attacks.
  • Balance the Root Chakra, promoting a sense of safety and security.

To use these crystals for Root Chakra healing, you can place them on or around the base of your spine, or even hold them in your hands during meditation.

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Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, located at the top of your head, connects you to higher consciousness and spiritual awareness. White crystals, like clear quartz and selenite, are often linked to this chakra.

These crystals can assist in:

  • Cleansing your energy field and removing negativity.
  • Spiritual growth and connecting to your higher self.
  • Amplifying the energy and intention of other crystals used during healing sessions.

To work with these white crystals, you can position them directly on the crown of your head, hold them in your hands, or place them around your body during meditation or healing sessions.

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Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Brow Chakra, is located between the eyebrows. It’s related to intuition, inner wisdom, and perception.

Both black and white crystals can be useful in balancing this chakra. Some popular choices include:

  • Black Obsidian: Aids in removing mental fog and accessing inner guidance.
  • Lepidolite: Enhances intuition and promotes emotional balance.
  • Sodalite: Encourages deep insight and mental clarity.

To use these crystals for Third Eye Chakra healing, place them on your forehead or hold them in your hands while meditating. You can also wear them as jewelry or carry them with you to support your intuitive abilities throughout the day.

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