Crystals for Attracting Love (for New Love, Soulmates and Relationships)

Have you ever wondered how to attract love using the power of crystals? You’re in for a treat! Crystals hold unique energies that can help you manifest love and romance in your life. By surrounding yourself with these mystical stones, you can tap into their vibrations and attract the love you desire.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most potent crystals for attracting love. These stones not only channel the energies of affection and passion, but also promote self-love and create a nurturing environment for relationships to thrive. Get ready to explore the world of love crystals and see how they can transform your life.

Remember, the key to successfully working with crystals is choosing the ones that resonate with you. Trust your intuition as you embark on this journey, and let the magical properties of these crystals guide you towards the love you’ve been seeking.

Crystals for Attracting Love and New Relationships

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the most well-known crystal for love and romance. It has a gentle pink hue that evokes a sense of calmness and serenity. This crystal helps open your heart chakra to attract and strengthen romantic relationships. Simply place a rose quartz gemstone in your bedroom or wear it as jewelry to promote loving energy in your life.

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Amethyst is a powerful crystal that brings clarity, balance, and spiritual growth. It is believed to help you develop deep connections and understanding in your relationships. Keep amethyst close to you or wear it as jewelry when you meet new people or to enhance your existing relationships.


Moonstone, with its soft, milky-white sheen, is known for its ability to balance emotions and promote love. It is especially beneficial for enhancing feminine energy and intuition. Wearing moonstone jewelry, such as a necklace or ring, can help foster a nurturing environment for love to grow.


Garnet is a deep red crystal that symbolizes passion, fidelity, and commitment. It can help bring new energy into your relationship or reignite a flickering flame. To harness this energy, place garnet stones in your bedroom or wear them as a talisman near your heart.


Rhodonite is a beautiful pink and black crystal that helps heal emotional wounds and encourages forgiveness. It assists in releasing past emotional traumas, paving the way for love and compassion. You can carry rhodonite in your pocket, or wear it as a pendant to encourage emotional healing and the ability to love yourself and others.


Malachite is a vibrant green crystal known for its transformative energies. It can help release negative thoughts and patterns, opening up space for love to grow. It is also said to promote commitment and loyalty in relationships. Wear malachite jewelry or place it in your home to attract and maintain loving relationships.

Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a green crystal that is associated with luck and opportunity. It is believed to help attract new, positive relationships by improving your self-confidence and self-worth. This stone promotes optimism and confidence, making it easier for you to open up and receive love. To welcome love into your life, wear aventurine as a necklace or bracelet, or carry a small stone in your pocket.

Crystals to Strengthen Love in Relationships


Rubies are powerful gemstones for attracting love and passion. Their deep red color symbolizes the heart, making them perfect for amplifying romantic energy. To harness the power of a ruby, consider wearing it as jewelry or placing it in your bedroom or love corner of your home. This will help draw love and passion towards you.


Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink stone known for attracting love and deep emotional connections. It helps to heal past relationship traumas and open your heart to new experiences. By incorporating rhodochrosite into your life, you can encourage self-love and self-confidence. To fully harness its power, wear it close to your heart or meditate with it.


Emeralds are associated with emotional healing, making them ideal for those seeking love or wanting to strengthen existing relationships. They help to remove emotional barriers, allowing you to express your feelings more openly. Include emeralds in your jewelry collection or place them in your living space to create a welcoming environment for love.

Pink Kunzite

Pink kunzite is a gentle yet powerful gemstone for attracting love and fostering emotional connections. Its soothing energy helps to balance emotions and create an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. Use kunzite to open your heart to love and strengthen bonds with others. Try meditating with it or wearing it as a pendant for a constant reminder of its loving energy.


Topaz is a versatile gemstone that promotes love, affection, and loyalty in relationships. This stone comes in a variety of colors, each with its own unique energy. For love and romance, look for pink or blue topaz. Incorporate these gemstones into your daily life by wearing them as jewelry or placing them in your home.

Manifesting New Love and Soulmates

Attracting new love and soulmate connections can be achieved by adding the right crystals to your environment. Some crystals that can help with attracting a relationship with your soulmate include:

  • Rhodochrosite: This emotionally healing stone will draw a soulmate into your life whose purpose is to teach you karmic lessons for your spiritual advancement.
  • Amber: Not often thought of as a love stone, amber helps you get ready to meet your soulmate through stabilizing powers and helps you make a strong, deeply loving connection.
  • Pink Garnet: Pink garnet can align you with a romantic soulmate and encourage trust, loyalty and commitment.
  • Morganite: Incredibly healing and representative of a spiritual kind of love, morganite invites relationships that embody divine love and soulmate connections.
  • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz crystals hold powerful vibrations and energies that can help amplify your intentions, making it easier for you to manifest the soulmate relationship you desire.

To maximize the potential of your chosen crystals, consider incorporating them into a love-focused meditation or visualization practice. This will help align your energy with your desires and intentions, drawing new love and soulmate connections closer to you.

Crystals for Different Types of Love

Romantic Love

  • Carnelian: This beautiful, orange-red stone is known for its strong connection with passion and sexual energy. It helps in enhancing your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to attract and maintain a loving relationship.
  • Rose Quartz: Rose quartz attracts and encourages unconditional love and trust in relationships. While it can be used for different types of relationships, it’s best-known for attracting romantic love.
  • Rhodochrosite: This stone helps to attract a soulmate or twin flame, so if that’s what you’re looking for, wear it as jewelry or carry it with you to keep its energy close.

Divine Love

  • Amethyst: This violet crystal is linked to spiritual growth and connection with the divine. Incorporating it into your meditation practice can help in opening your heart to divine love.
  • Selenite: Another crystal that’s excellent for fostering divine love is the high-vibrational selenite. It encourages spiritual awakening and connection with higher realms.
  • Lepidolite: Calming and spiritually healing, lepidolite helps to restore balance and harmony in your spiritual life.

Unconditional Love

  • Rose Quartz: Known as the “Stone of Unconditional Love,” this pink crystal channels its gentle, nurturing energy to open your heart and promote compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.
  • Rhodonite: Whether you’d like to develop unconditional love for yourself or others, rhodonite promotes the kind of love that transcends expectations and limitations.
  • Green Aventurine: A stone of the heart chakra, green aventurine attracts nurturing and supportive energies in relationships free of judgment and control.

Protecting Relationships from Negative Energy

To safeguard your relationship from negative energy, incorporate specific crystals with protective properties:

  • Obsidian: A powerful stone known for shielding against negativity, carry this stone with you to encourage positive energy flow, warding off negativity that could affect your relationship.
  • Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is known for its ability to repel negative energy and create a secure space for those around it. Strategically placing black tourmaline crystals in your living space serves as a barrier against negative energies. Consider putting it near entry points such as doors or windows to create a fortified environment.
  • Amethyst: This powerful crystal offers support during emotional challenges and helps to create a calm atmosphere. Meditate while holding a piece of amethyst, focusing on protecting your relationship from negative energy. This practice helps to strengthen your bond and create a positive environment for your love to flourish.

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Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals regularly to maintain their vibrational properties and maximize their protective potential. This can be done by smudging them with sage, exposing them to sunlight or moonlight, or using sound healing methods such as singing bowls or bells.

Love Crystals for Different Purposes

Looking for multi-purpose love crystals? Here are some that do double-duty for some specific, desired effects.

Crystals for attracting love and protection

  • Rose Quartz: Attracts love and enhances self-love
  • Malachite: Provides emotional protection and encourages healthy relationships
  • Garnet: Stimulates passion and protects from negative influences
  • Jade: Attracts love, prosperity, and protection

Crystals for love and marriage

  • Emerald: Symbolizes unity, loyalty, and lasting love
  • Carnelian: Energizes passion and helps maintain a strong bond
  • Lapis Lazuli: Enhances communication and understanding in relationships
  • Pink Tourmaline: Attracts romantic commitment and deepens emotional connection

Emotional healing crystals for self love

  • Green Aventurine: Calms the emotional body, aids in emotional recovery and supports personal growth
  • Ruby Zoisite: Provides balance between the mind and emotions to help you stop negative self-talk and love yourself more
  • Rose Quartz: Promotes deep emotional healing, self-forgiveness and acceptance

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What crystal attracts love and money?

Green aventurine is believed to attract both love and money. This stone is often called the “Stone of Opportunity” and is thought to stimulate positive energy and increase the chances of success in various aspects of life, including love and financial matters.

Other Crystals That Support Intuition, Sensuality, and Romance in Relationships

You can enhance your intuition, sensuality, and romance with the help of powerful crystals like citrine, sunstone, and moonstone. These crystals are known for their abilities to connect with your chakras and help you manifest your desires.

  • Citrine: Citrine, a beautiful golden-yellow crystal, is well-known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity. In terms of love and sensuality, citrine can aid in increasing your magnetism and attracting your desired partner or strengthening your existing relationships. Citrine works best when placed on the sacral chakra, which is connected to creativity, sensuality, and emotions.
  • Sunstone: With its warm, radiant energy, sunstone helps to boost your self-confidence, enhance vitality and energy levels and attract positive energy. By placing sunstone on your solar plexus chakra, you can tap into your intuition and trust your gut feelings. This, in turn, leads to better decision-making, especially when it comes to your romantic life.
  • Moonstone: Moonstone, a crystal with a strong connection to the moon and feminine energy, will enhance your intuition and spiritual insight, balance emotions and strengthen fertility. Moonstone works wonders on the heart and crown chakras, helping to open your heart and foster deeper connections in your relationships. It also aids in developing your intuition and connecting you with your inner wisdom.

To make the most of these crystals’ energies, try incorporating them into your daily routine or meditation practice. You can hold them in your hand, carry them in your pocket, or place them by your bedside for optimal benefits. By working with these crystals, you’ll be well on your way to manifesting the love and sensuality you desire.

Role of Heart Chakra in Love and Relationships

Your heart chakra plays a significant role in love and relationships. It’s the energy center responsible for self-love, compassion, and connecting with others on an emotional level. When balanced, it allows you to experience deep, authentic connections, both with yourself and others.

The heart chakra, or Anahata, is located in the center of your chest. It’s associated with the color green, so focusing on this shade during meditation can help you align with its energies. To attract love, it’s crucial that your heart chakra is open and balanced.

Self Love

Self-love is an essential aspect of the heart chakra, and it starts with you. The more you appreciate and care for yourself, the better equipped you are to attract and maintain relationships. Practicing self-love includes:

  • Acknowledging your worthiness
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Prioritizing self-care routines
  • Forgiving yourself


Compassion is another important aspect of the heart chakra. It involves being understanding and empathetic toward others, as well as yourself. Developing compassion can enhance your relationships by:

  • Fostering deeper connections
  • Encouraging empathy and understanding
  • Reducing judgment and criticism

How to Balance and Open the Heart Chakra

To balance your heart chakra, incorporate these practices into your daily routine:

  • Meditation focused on loving-kindness
  • Repeating positive affirmations related to love and connection
  • Engaging in activities that bring joy and happiness
  • Spending time in nature, being surrounded by green

Crystals can also help to open and balance your heart chakra. These stones are known for attracting love and supporting healthy relationships:

  • Rose quartz: Promotes love, self-love, and emotional healing
  • Green aventurine: Encourages growth, abundance, and emotional calm
  • Rhodonite: Enhances forgiveness, self-compassion, and emotional balance
  • Emerald: Attracts loyalty, unity, and unconditional love

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