Crystals That Start With S (23 Stunning Stones You Should Know)

Among the numerous ‘S’ crystals, some are highly regarded for their beauty, while others are sought after for their reputed metaphysical abilities. Radically different in appearance, color, and formation, these gems often attract collectors and enthusiasts seeking to broaden their knowledge and experiences.

From sparkling sapphires to glowing selenite, crystals that start with the letter ‘S’ offer an exciting world of discovery for anyone interested in the properties of these natural wonders. These crystals can enhance meditation practices, bring balance to one’s life, and even help with emotional healing. So dive in and explore the multifaceted world of ‘S’ crystals to better understand what makes them so distinct and exceptional.

Crystals Starting with S


polished blue sapphire gemstones and raw crystals on a white surface

Sapphire is a stunning gemstone known for its vibrant blues and range of other colors, including pink, yellow, and white. It is considered a stone of wisdom, spiritual growth, and intuition. Sapphire is also believed to help with communication and mental clarity, making it an excellent stone for artists, writers, and scholars.


Scapolite is a versatile crystal that occurs in various colors, such as yellow, purple, pink, and grey. It is said to promote change and transformation, assisting individuals in overcoming self-sabotage and making progress in their lives. Scapolite is also thought to enhance problem-solving abilities and increase self-reliance.


Schorl black tourmaline crystal chunks in a pile

Schorl, a type of black tourmaline, is known for its powerful grounding and protective qualities. This crystal is believed to shield against negative energies, psychic attacks, and environmental pollutants. Schorl is also thought to help stabilize emotions and reduce anxiety.


Scolecite healing crystals on a white background

Scolecite is a delicate white crystal known for its calming and soothing properties. It is often used in meditation and spiritual practices, as it is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and facilitate communication with higher realms. Scolecite is also thought to promote restful sleep and ease insomnia.


selenite crystal tower on a wooden plank floor

Selenite is a beautiful, transparent crystal known for its spiritual and cleansing properties. It is said to help clear negative energies, enhance intuition, and promote spiritual growth. Selenite is also believed to aid in connecting with one’s higher self and guardian angels.


slab of Seraphinite stone on a white background

Seraphinite is a unique green crystal with a feathery, angelic appearance. It is thought to enhance spiritual growth, encourage self-healing, and stimulate communication with the angelic realms. Seraphinite is also credited with balancing and aligning the chakras.


round green Serpentine stone against a white background

Serpentine is a green stone with a unique, snake-like appearance. It is known for its healing properties, particularly in detoxifying the body and stimulating energy flow. Serpentine is also believed to aid in emotional healing and enhance intuition.


polished round Shattuckite crystals on a white surface

Shattuckite is a rare blue crystal that is prized for its high vibration and spiritual properties. It is known for facilitating reconciliation, enhancing psychic abilities, and encouraging open communication. Shattuckite is also believed to protect against negative energies and promote spiritual growth.


shiny slab of Shungite crystal

Shungite is a black stone with powerful protective and healing properties. It is known for its ability to shield against EMF radiation, promote emotional healing, and cleanse negative energies. Shungite is also thought to stimulate physical and spiritual growth.


Sillimanite is a mineral that occurs in various colors, such as grey, brown, and greenish-yellow. It is believed to enhance creativity, offer protection against negativity, and promote balance and harmony. Sillimanite is also thought to assist in decision-making and boost self-esteem.


Sinhalite is a rare, pale-yellow to brownish gemstone that is believed to promote emotional well-being, motivation, and self-confidence. It is also credited with enhancing creativity and imagination.

Skeletal Quartz

Skeletal Quartz, also known as Elestial Quartz, is a unique crystal formation characterized by its layered, skeletal appearance. This stone is known for its ability to facilitate spiritual growth, enhance intuition, and support emotional healing. Skeletal Quartz is also believed to provide protection and grounding.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz crystal point on a white background

Smoky Quartz is a popular brown to grey tinted crystal known for its grounding and protective properties. It is said to help balance emotions, promote relaxation, and assist in overcoming negative thoughts. Smoky Quartz is also considered useful for enhancing focus and decision-making.


sample of raw Smithsonite crystal on a black table top

Smithsonite is a beautiful, pastel-colored crystal that is believed to have healing properties, particularly in the areas of emotional healing and self-love. Smithsonite is also credited with promoting harmony, enhancing intuition, and increasing self-confidence.


polished blue Sodalite crystals on a table

Sodalite is a vibrant blue stone with white veining that is known for its ability to promote mental clarity, enhance communication, and encourage emotional balance. This crystal is also believed to assist in self-discovery and personal growth.


faceted pink Spinel crystal on a blue background

Spinel is a stunning gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue, pink, and black. It is credited with promoting vitality, courage, and resilience. Spinel is also believed to encourage self-discovery and aid in emotional healing.


pale pink lithium Spodumene crystal specimen

Spodumene is a mineral that occurs in various shades of pink, green, and yellow. It is known for its ability to promote emotional healing, balance, and spiritual growth. Spodumene is also believed to help with stress relief and enhance self-confidence.


Sphalerite zink ore crystal specimen

Sphalerite is a gemstone with a fiery, metallic appearance, often found in shades of red, yellow, and brown. It is credited with enhancing creativity, boosting energy levels, and promoting grounding. Sphalerite is also believed to help with spiritual growth and self-discovery.


green and yellow tinged Sphene crystal

Sphene, also known as Titanite, is a green-yellow gemstone known for its ability to aid in mental clarity, enhance personal power, and balance emotions. This crystal is also thought to promote spiritual growth and increase intuition.


raw purple Stichtite crystal on a white background

Stichtite is a vibrant purple stone with a soft, soothing energy. It is believed to promote emotional healing, encourage self-compassion, and help release past traumas. Stichtite is also credited with enhancing intuition and spiritual growth.


raw Stilbite crystal geode on a black background

Stilbite is a gentle, peach to pink crystal that is said to promote emotional healing, enhance spiritual growth, and assist in creativity and intuition. This stone is also believed to be useful for supporting healthy sleep patterns and relaxation.


polished purple Sugilite healing crystal

Sugilite is a stunning purple crystal that is known for its spiritual, emotional, and physical healing properties. It is believed to enhance spiritual awareness, promote emotional well-being, and protect against negative energies. Sugilite is also said to help with physical pain relief and encourage self-confidence.


piece of tumbled sunstone crystal

Sunstone is a vibrant, orange-hued crystal that is associated with positivity, joy, and personal power. It is said to help boost self-confidence, stimulate motivation, and enhance creativity. Sunstone is also believed to promote emotional balance and physical wellness.

Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Energies and Chakras

Crystals that start with the letter ‘S’ have various metaphysical properties that can influence different energies and chakras. Many of these crystals are known for their powerful ability to promote positive energy flow and harmony. For instance, Selenite is a well-known crystal that can cleanse and purify the energy in a space, while aiding in spiritual growth and connection. It is especially connected to the Crown chakra, helping in unblocking and balancing this energy center. Another example, Shungite, is believed to protect against electromagnetic pollution while grounding and balancing the Root chakra.

Healing Properties

Crystals beginning with ‘S’ can offer numerous healing properties that benefit both physical and mental health. For example, Smokey Quartz is a grounding and protective stone that can also help relieve stress and anxiety. Additionally, it is known to aid in detoxification and can support the immune system. Sodalite is another popular crystal with beneficial healing properties. It can aid in balancing the throat and third eye chakras, promoting clear communication and intuition, while also offering calming energy that helps soothe the emotions.

Emotional Connections

Various ‘S’ crystal types provide emotional support and can help in managing emotions and engaging in self-discovery. For instance, Sunstone is a vibrant stone that can uplift the spirit, encouraging positivity, confidence, and self-empowerment. It helps combat feelings of depression and sadness, and can promote healthy personal boundaries. On the other hand, Sapphire is a powerful stone that can promote wisdom, insight, and mental clarity, allowing individuals to better understand their emotions and make informed decisions.

Purchasing and Authenticity

Selecting Quality Crystals

When shopping for crystals that start with “S,” it’s essential to prioritize quality and authenticity in your search. In selecting crystals like Septarian, Stone, Adamite, Charoite, Rosasite, and Unakite, understanding their unique properties and meanings is essential. For instance, Black Tourmaline is known for its protective qualities, while a more obscure crystal like Charoite promotes spiritual transformation.

To ensure the quality of the crystals you buy:

  1. Obtain a thorough understanding of the crystal’s history and associated meanings.
  2. Read reviews from customers who have purchased from the shop.
  3. Check the shop’s return policy. A reputable establishment should offer a 30-day return policy to guarantee the authenticity of their products.

Identifying Authentic Stones

Knowing how to identify authentic stones is crucial, especially when dealing with lesser-known crystals. To avoid purchasing counterfeit or low-quality crystals, consider the following factors:

  • Density: Each crystal’s density is a critical factor in determining its authenticity. For example, authentic sapphires have a hexagonal crystal system and a density of 4.00.
  • Hardness: A crystal’s hardness is often a strong indication of its legitimacy. Genuine sapphires have a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale.
  • Refractive Index: Genuine crystals will have a specific refractive index, which can be used to identify their authenticity. Refractive index for sapphires varies between 1.762 and 1.770.

It’s vital to find trustworthy shops that prioritize ethical sourcing, energetic integrity, and authenticity when it comes to their crystal offerings. Take the time to verify the stone’s properties, such as its crystal system, density, hardness, and refractive index, for proper crystal identification. A well-informed buyer will have a more rewarding and satisfying experience in purchasing quality and authentic crystals that start with “S.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the healing properties of Selenite?

Selenite, a transparent crystal, is believed to possess various healing properties. The crystal is often associated with spiritual growth, mental clarity, and serenity, assisting with meditation and strengthening one’s intuition. Selenite is also thought to help cleanse and purify one’s aura by removing negative energy. Additionally, the crystal can be used to stimulate the crown chakra, promoting a connection to higher consciousness.

How can Sunstone be used in crystal therapy?

Sunstone, recognized for its sparkling, sunny appearance, can be used in crystal therapy for multiple purposes. The stone is believed to carry a joyful and uplifting energy, boosting feelings of self-worth and confidence. Sunstone may also help in attracting abundance and prosperity. In physical healing, Sunstone is said to support the solar plexus and sacral chakras, aiding in digestion and other issues related to those energy centers.

What are the benefits of Sodalite?

Sodalite, a rich blue mineral, is believed to provide various benefits in crystal healing. Firstly, the stone is said to help calm the mind and alleviate mental stress, promoting a sense of inner peace and balance. Sodalite is also associated with the enhancement of intuition, self-expression, and creativity. Furthermore, the crystal is linked to the throat and third-eye chakras, encouraging effective communication and a deeper understanding of one’s surroundings.

How does Sugilite help in emotional healing?

Sugilite, a vibrant purple stone, has been associated with emotional healing and spiritual development. The crystal is believed to help release negative emotions, such as fear, grief, and anger, while encouraging self-forgiveness and self-love. Sugilite also supports the heart and crown chakras, promoting a connection to unconditional love and higher wisdom. Additionally, the stone is said to aid in overcoming feelings of isolation, loneliness, or depression.

What chakra is Rhodonite associated with?

Rhodonite, a pinkish-red mineral, is primarily associated with the heart chakra. The stone is believed to encourage emotional healing, forgiveness, and compassion. By activating and balancing the heart chakra, Rhodonite is said to help release feelings of resentment, bitterness, and past traumas, replacing them with feelings of love, empathy, and understanding for oneself and others.

How to cleanse and charge Moldavite?

Moldavite, a green gemstone created from meteorite impact, requires proper cleansing and charging to maintain its energy. To cleanse your Moldavite, you can use various methods, such as smudging with sage, burying it in the earth, or rinsing it under running water. To charge Moldavite, consider leaving it in sunlight or moonlight, placing it on a bed of clear quartz or amethyst crystals, or meditating with the stone while focusing on your intentions. Remember always to handle your Moldavite with care and intention.

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