What Crystals Are Used for Protection? (Top Picks + How to Use Them)

Crystals have long been cherished for their metaphysical properties, with many individuals turning to them for protection against various negative energies. These protective crystals are believed to shield the wearer from harmful influences, enhance their energy, and bring peace of mind. In this article, we will delve into the wonderful world of protective crystals, learn about their various uses, and discover how to harness their potential for your benefit.

There is a wide array of crystals considered to be particularly effective for protection, each with its own unique properties. Some popular examples include Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Jet. These stones not only guard against negative energies but also help in addressing specific issues, such as psychic and spiritual protection. By learning how to cleanse, charge, and incorporate these crystals into your daily routine, you can create a strong protective barrier for yourself and your loved ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Protective crystals offer shielding from harmful influences and support well-being.
  • A variety of crystals, such as Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian, serve different protective purposes.
  • Proper care and use of crystals, including cleansing and charging, play a crucial role in their effectiveness.

Types of Protective Crystals

There are numerous crystals that people use for protection, each with their unique properties and energy vibrations. In this section, we will cover some of the most popular protective crystals and their attributes.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal known for its ability to repel negative energy and protect from lower frequencies. Its dark color and strong energy make it an ideal choice for cleansing and protection.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal that amplifies energies and intentions. It’s often used for deflecting negativity and promoting emotional well-being.

Black Obsidian

A grounding stone, Black Obsidian is known for shielding the aura from psychic attacks and releasing negative energy.


Amethyst is a popular crystal for spiritual protection, connecting to higher vibrations, and strengthening intuition.


Pyrite is a grounding crystal that shields from negative energies and enhances mental clarity.


Kyanite is a high vibration crystal known for its cleansing and aligning properties.


Hematite is an effective grounding stone that helps shield from negative influences and stabilize one’s energy.


Labradorite is a protective stone that also enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.


Jet is a powerful protector against negative energies and helps to release emotional stress.


Fluorite is an energy cleansing stone that promotes stability and balance in one’s life.


Citrine is a sunny and uplifting crystal known for promoting positivity and deflecting negative energies.


Malachite is a powerful transformation stone that offers protection from harmful energies, encourages personal growth, and clears emotional blockages.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone known for its protective properties and ability to remove negative energies.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a vibrant crystal that offers strong protective energy and promotes courage.


Amazonite is a soothing stone that helps to balance emotions and protect from environmental stressors.


Amber is a highly protective crystal that transforms negative energy into positive energy, guards against psychic attacks, and helps reduce physical pain.

Black Jade

Black Jade is an excellent stone for protection, warding off negativity and grounding.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known for its protection properties and its ability to stimulate inner truth and self-awareness.


Selenite is a crystal that offers spiritual and energetic protection, promoting inner peace and clarity of mind.


Garnet is a passionate and uplifting crystal, often used for protection and removing feelings of self-doubt.


Smithsonite is a crystal that offers gentle protection from negativity and helps promote positive emotions.

Protection Methods

Healing Crystal Placement

Healing crystal placement is an essential aspect of utilizing crystals for protection. By placing specific crystals, like clear quartz and black tourmaline, strategically around your home or workplace, you can create a barrier against negative energies and entities. This can be especially helpful for individuals facing emotional trauma or an influx of negativity in their environment.

Crystal Grids

Creating a crystal grid is another method to harness the protective properties of the best protection crystals. By arranging a combination of crystals, like clear quartz, black tourmaline, and others, in a specific pattern or design, you can amplify their energy, creating a powerful shield against negative forces. Crystal grids can also be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Home Protection

Protecting your living space from negative energies is essential for maintaining a harmonious environment. Place protective crystals, such as black tourmaline and smithsonite in areas where negative energy may accumulate, such as near entrances, windows, or corners of rooms. Doing so will help keep your home energetically clean and balanced.

Physical Protection

Physical protection can be enhanced by carrying or wearing crystals believed to have protective properties, such as obsidian. This dark, volcanic stone is said to absorb and dispel unwanted energies, making it an ideal choice for those seeking energetic protection from negative entities or situations.

Car Protection

Using crystals for car protection is another effective way to keep negative energy at bay while on the road. Some people place healing crystals in their vehicles or have small crystal decorations or ornaments to protect themselves while driving. Crystals like black tourmaline, clear quartz, and amethyst are suitable choices. They can help dispel negative energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall well-being.

Protective Jewelry

Wearing protective jewelry featuring crystals is a popular and fashionable way to keep negative energies away. Obsidian mirror pendants, bracelets, or rings made from crystals like amethyst, black tourmaline, or clear quartz, can provide you with continuous protection against toxic energies and maintain your emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

When using crystals for protection, it’s essential to properly cleanse and charge them to ensure their energy is at a high vibration and ready to provide the protection you need. This section covers various methods for cleansing and charging your crystals.

Methods of Cleansing

  1. Running water: One of the most effective ways to cleanse your crystals is by holding them under running water, such as from a tap or natural stream. This process allows any negative energy to flow away from the stone and back into the earth. Remember to be gentle with delicate stones.
  2. Moonlight: Placing your crystals under the light of the moon, especially during a full moon, can cleanse and recharge their energy. By exposing them to the lunar energy, you reset their vibration and rid them of negative energies.
  3. Sunlight: Similar to moonlight, the sun’s energy can also help in cleansing crystals. However, be cautious with certain stones, as prolonged exposure to sunlight might result in fading or unwanted changes in their properties.

Charging Techniques

  1. Using other crystals: Some crystals, like clear quartz, are known for their ability to balance and amplify energy. You can place your protection crystals near clear quartz to charge and enhance their energy.
  2. Meditation: Focus your intentions on the crystals by holding them in your hands while meditating. Visualize a bright, pure light entering the crystals, increasing their vibration and charging them with protective energy.
  3. Earth: Burying your crystals in the earth for a certain period can charge and cleanse them simultaneously. This reconnects them with the earth’s energy and helps to balance and ground their protective qualities.

By ensuring that your protection crystals are cleansed and charged, you are preparing them to effectively protect you from any negative energy or harmful influences.

Psychic and Spiritual Protection

Psychic Attacks and Defense

Psychic attacks can come in various forms, including negative thoughts, ill-intentions and harmful energy directed toward you. Black Tourmaline is a popular crystal for protection against psychic attacks, as it’s known to repel negativity and absorb harmful energies. It is especially useful for those with clairvoyant abilities who may be more vulnerable to psychic disturbances. In addition, Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal thought to deflect negativity and attract positive energy, making it an ideal companion for guarding against psychic invasions.

Spirit Attachments

It is important to protect oneself from malevolent spirits and unhealthy spirit attachments. To keep your spiritual shield strong, Amethyst can be employed to cleanse and charge your aura. Amethyst helps in maintaining spiritual balance, dispelling negative energies, and promoting a strong connection to one’s intuition. Selenite is another powerful aid in clearing unwanted spirit attachments, while Snowflake Obsidian acts as a grounding and purifying force.

Negative Energy and Vibes

Negative energy and low vibrations can disrupt an individual’s aura and affect their root chakra. For overall spiritual protection and to ward off negative vibes, you may want to consider using Garnet. Garnet is a powerful healing stone that removes self-doubt and uplifts one’s energy, working to clear darkness clouding the auric field. For a more targeted approach, Ruby and Bloodstone can also be used to repel negative thoughts and energies from your environment.

Remember to keep your chosen crystals clean and charged for optimal protection. By utilizing these powerful energy tools, you can better defend against psychic intrusions and foster a strong, resilient aura that is resistant to negativity and spiritual disturbances.

Buffers Against Negative Influences

Crystals have long been used in the realm of spirituality to ward off negative vibes and create a peaceful atmosphere. In this section, we’ll explore how certain stones act as buffers against negative influences, particularly in dealing with toxic people and reducing stressful environments.

Dealing with Toxic People

People who bring envy, manipulation, and emotional abuse into our lives can be considered toxic. To maintain inner peace and protect yourself from their negative energy, consider working with these crystals:

  • Black Tourmaline: This powerful stone shields against negativity and blocks bad luck or unwanted energy. Place it near your workspace or wear it as a piece of jewelry to stay grounded in truth and repel manipulation attempts.
  • Petrified Wood: Known as fossilized wood, this grounding stone promotes contentment and discernment. With its gentle energy, it’ll guide you to make better decisions and identify manipulative behaviors in the people around you.
  • Lava Stone: Formed during volcanic eruptions, this stone enhances emotional strength and wards off negative vibes. Keep it close during emotionally charged situations, such as encountering road rage or confrontations with toxic individuals.

Reducing Stressful Environments

Creating a peaceful and stress-free environment is essential for mental well-being. Here are some crystals that promote calmness and tranquility:

  • Amethyst: Known for its soothing properties, amethyst enhances spirituality and promotes serenity. Place it in your meditation space or living room to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • Selenite: This clear, high-vibrational stone dispels negative energy, making it ideal for purifying spaces and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. It’s perfect for the bedroom or any area in which you seek solace from chaos.
  • Rose Quartz: Often referred to as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz encourages self-love, forgiveness, and trust. Placing rose quartz around your home can help combat stressful vibes and establish a sense of calm.

Knowing which crystals to incorporate into your life can significantly help buffer against negative influences. By surrounding yourself with these protective stones, you’ll create an environment that supports both your physical and emotional well-being.

Crystals for Specific Issues

Anger and Jealousy

To help with anger and jealousy issues, grounding and calming stones can be quite effective. For instance, Black Tourmaline creates a protective energy shield that helps dispel negative energy, especially from arguments and poor attitudes source. It also aids in maintaining a sense of peace and safety.

Blue Kyanite is useful in assisting with emotional balance and removing feelings of jealousy or anger. This stone works wonders for empaths as it clears electromagnetic smog, allowing them to connect better with their intuition without interference source.

Emotional Healing

For emotional healing, some crystals target the chakras, helping to release blocked energies and promote harmony. Smithsonite is a beautiful crystal known for its ability to curb emotional overwhelm and provide clarity in decision-making. It effectively protects you from your own mind, making it an excellent choice for emotional healing source.

Jet, although not a crystal but fossilized wood, is powerful for protection against emotional abuse or disease. It carries the energies of peace and divination, making it a helpful companion during times of emotional distress source.

Improving Intuition

Crystals that help enhance intuition often work by raising your vibrational frequency, allowing you to better connect with your inner wisdom. Clear Quartz, the master healer, is an example of such crystal. It not only deflects negativity but also attracts positive energy, making it helpful for improving intuition source.

Black Kyanite is another intuition-enhancing crystal that works by removing lower frequencies and protecting against ill-wishers or toxic people. This stone creates a shield around your aura, ensuring that your intuition remains strong and untainted by external influences source.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Black Tourmaline uses?

Black tourmaline is a powerful protection stone known for its grounding and repelling properties. It’s commonly used to clear negative energy from the body, home, and work environment, creating a more peaceful atmosphere. To utilize its protective capabilities, place a piece of black tourmaline in areas that need energetic clearing or by your side during meditation.

Is Obsidian good for protection?

Obsidian is an excellent protective stone due to its ability to absorb negative energies and aid in grounding. It can provide a shield against harmful energies, and many people use it as a talisman to protect against psychic attacks. To make the most of obsidian’s protective qualities, wear it as jewelry or place it near your workspace or sleeping area.

What are some effective Selenite uses?

Selenite is a versatile crystal famous for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. It can help create a calming, peaceful environment while protecting against negative energies. Some effective ways to use selenite for protection include placing it near your front door to clear any entering negativity or using it in meditation to strengthen your energetic boundaries.

What are some Amethyst benefits?

Amethyst is a powerful crystal known for its spiritual protection and psychic harmony properties. It can help alleviate stress and negative thoughts, creating a protective barrier around your energy. Users often wear amethyst jewelry or keep the stone close to them during meditation or other spiritual practices.

Why use Pyrite?

Pyrite is a grounding stone praised for its ability to increase confidence and repel negative energy. This makes it extremely useful for protection, especially in the workplace or when faced with challenging situations. You can carry pyrite in your pocket or place it on your desk to benefit from its protective and confidence-boosting properties.

Is Clear Quartz for safety?

Clear quartz is a dynamic crystal that can both deflect negativity and attract positivity. This makes it an ideal stone for protection and overall well-being. Try placing clear quartz around your home, wearing it in jewelry, or using it during meditation to amplify its protective properties.

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